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Topic: Review of Wong on Dice
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jun 18, 2006 07:57PM)
I am not a dice guy but I do play a little backgammon. Have any you guys read the Wong book and do you think it might be worth me getting for leaning about cheating at backgammon?

Message: Posted by: Mr. Z (Jun 18, 2006 10:53PM)
Umm, it's a book about "dice setting" in craps.

Unless you play backgammon on a 10-14 foot table where you throw the dice by hand...
Message: Posted by: Expertmagician (Jun 18, 2006 11:46PM)
Wonder what DOC thinks ????
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jun 19, 2006 06:34AM)
Thanks Z that is I what I thought, not that I even know what "dice setting" is.
I have never threw the dice once at a craps table. I did have a bet once. I said to the dice dealer, "How do you play this game?" He gave me a little rule book and I just glanced at it and then put a £100 down on the pass line, if I recall, won and let it ride won again and picked up my winnings. The dealer said "Easy aint it?" :) I am not into house games at all, I just like poker. But Wong is no mug I hear and it might be worth a read if your into dice.
Message: Posted by: Vandy Grift (Jun 19, 2006 09:05AM)

Here's something for your backgammon game.

Message: Posted by: tommy (Jun 21, 2006 05:56PM)
“Precision dice.

If you play in any major tournament you will be required to play with precision dice.

There is sense to this - if you're playing the match of your life you want to know that the dice are perfectly fair.

On non-precision dice the holes for the dots are usually made as part of the mould then coloured paint (which is slightly lighter in weight) is inserted into the holes.

This means that the 6 face will be lighter than the 1 face and hence there is more chance that the 1 face will land face down - meaning you will get more sixes than you should do.

This 6-1 imbalance has been estimated to be typically equivalent to a tilt of approximately a third of a degree towards the six when a die is balanced on its 1-2 edge.

Precision dice are generally made of a transparent material - this ensures that there are no air bubbles within the dice which would distort the weight.

The dice are made by a lazar which ensures as perfect a cut as is possible.

The holes are then drilled out and filled with the same material as the dice is made of hence restoring equal weight on each face to a tolerance of .01 millimeter.

Obviously dice manufactured with such attention to detail are far more expensive to purchase, however the user is ensured of a product that will be as free from bias as is possible.”


So if you get one pair of Non-precision dice and one pair of Precision dice and you play with the Non-precision dice that should give you a little edge in backgammon because you will through more six’s. And the beauty of that is your not using gaffed dice.

? Can the sucker tell the defference between Non-precision dice and Precision dice -backgammon dice that is?
Message: Posted by: Alan M (Jun 23, 2006 04:00PM)
... and if you play in any major backgammon tournament you will learn that you don't always get to use the two dice that you would like. The official selection process is such that your opponent will always have the opportunity to get at least one of your dice. I don't think you would have much luck in an actual tournament with this,
Alan M.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jun 23, 2006 06:05PM)
Tournaments! Well I am not really into tournaments. I'm trying to hustle individuals in cash games. There is little security with backgammon where I play although the money is sometimes major. The official selection process here is there are four dice two different colours, you pick one of each colour, and play.