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Topic: Good Pins
Message: Posted by: flimnar (Jun 21, 2006 09:03PM)
I'm looking for a good online source for sturdy ungimmicked 3" safety pins for a linking pins routine. Am I actually going to have to burn additional fossil fuel to drive out and find some?


Message: Posted by: Kingry (Jun 21, 2006 09:34PM)
A.C. Moores carries them
Message: Posted by: flimnar (Jun 21, 2006 10:15PM)
Looks like you can buy safety pins at the A C Moore stores, but nothing on-line. Any other internet options?


Message: Posted by: "Muggs" (Jun 21, 2006 10:25PM)
I believe that AC Moore has an online store.
Message: Posted by: flimnar (Jun 21, 2006 10:47PM)
I have googled this and found an online AC Moore website that offers information about projects, sample products and store locations, but does not sell products. I'm afraid I'm missing it. I would love for you to be right--do you have a web address?


Message: Posted by: kOnO (Jun 22, 2006 01:57AM)
You can order 3' safety pins online from:



hope this helps
Message: Posted by: Feral Chorus (Jun 22, 2006 08:07AM)
Here's another source:



I've used them without a problem.

Message: Posted by: Kingry (Jun 22, 2006 03:54PM)
Much better prices.
Message: Posted by: Dynomite Magic (Nov 24, 2006 08:50PM)
Find a way to contact Bruce Bernstein. His safety pin routine uses ungimmicked pins that can be examined by the audience. I perform it and it always goes over well!

Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Nov 24, 2006 09:23PM)
I always have sets in stock for my customers. I found good source and stock up.
they are $5 and perfect.