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Topic: The Magic of Hungary
Message: Posted by: iwillfoolu (Dec 12, 2002 04:31AM)
I recently bought "The Magic of Hungary" It had a very boring linking ring routine. Maybey it was me but there was absolutely nothing new here. Also there were some smart ideas with some prop bottles you may already own. I wouldn't use them but it might fit a nightclub act.
The next section was the reason I bought the tape in the first place The Jumbo Card Manipulation. The opening production was worth the price of the tape. There was an S fan flourish that seemed to flash? A one handed 360 fan, and a few other flourishes with Jumbos. Finally there was some coin rolldowns and a flash cane production (opener) that was well... flashy!! If you are looking for something with Jumbos or gaffed bottle get this tape. If you want to know if the tape is worth the Flash Cane trick or the Ring routine I'd say no.
Hope this helps