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Topic: An Amazing Night
Message: Posted by: Jamie D. Grant (Jun 23, 2006 09:53AM)
Hi All,

I just got back from performing at the Cirque De Soleil VIP Party here in Vancouver. Holy Smokes, I'm beat. Almost 800 people or something crazy like that. I think I gave out every business card I had (100). I was there for over 4 hours doing walk around and never saw the same group twice!

Elastics, Rope, Chop Cup, Cards. All of it went absolutely amazing and the staff of Cirque was awesome. Definitely the highlight of my career so far. When Cirque De Soleil needs to be entertained, who do they call?

Jamie D. Grant

Message: Posted by: ralphdean (Jun 23, 2006 09:58AM)
Congratulations Jamie!
Message: Posted by: bentley (Jun 23, 2006 06:32PM)
Yes Congrats to you. I hope you will be even more sucessful. ( TV MOVIES)
Message: Posted by: jstone (Jun 23, 2006 07:30PM)
I love those kind of gigs. It makes all the crap gigs fade away.
Message: Posted by: mc_magi (Jun 23, 2006 09:02PM)
You didn't take me to see your performance again sir!
I'm very very dissapointed! lol
Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Jun 23, 2006 09:36PM)
The most intimidated I feel is when I perform for other entertainers.

Well done.
Message: Posted by: amerigo (Jun 24, 2006 12:17PM)
Congratulations Jamie

Keep up the good work I look forward to Magic Friday each and every week.
Message: Posted by: Jondalawyer (Jun 24, 2006 01:05PM)
Get some rest, man.


Message: Posted by: DoctaJones713 (Jun 24, 2006 01:49PM)
Congrats Jamie! Maybe well get a Magic Friday: Special Edition to hear all about it . . .? Huh . . .?
Message: Posted by: evolve629 (Jun 24, 2006 02:09PM)
Congrats! It's wonderful to have such a great event for magicians and lay folks for such a memoriable get-together! I wished we have something like this here in the twin cities!
Message: Posted by: MAKMagic (Jun 24, 2006 10:15PM)
Well done Jaime. Congrats.
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Jun 25, 2006 02:09AM)
That sounds absolutely fantastic. Good For you.
Message: Posted by: Kent Wong (Jun 26, 2006 09:00AM)
Congratulations! Sounds like you had a blast.