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Topic: Restaurant Fire Magic
Message: Posted by: MagicalChris (Jan 19, 2002 02:20PM)
Hey, I wanted to know if anyone uses any type of fire magic in the restaurant they work at?

I am wanting to know, this way if I get a restaurant job I know if I can do like flames from card box or whatever.

Any opinions I can gather info from?

-chris :dance:
Message: Posted by: Paul (Jan 19, 2002 03:38PM)
Bad move.

Forget the fire. Think about it a bit more.

Got good insurance?

Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Jan 19, 2002 05:28PM)
Paul gave good advice. Get Good Insurance. And think about whether you really need to do it.

Then be very, very careful. Fire/Open Flames inside any public venue that isn't on a separated platform is risky, because the environment is not sufficiently "controlled"

I know, the fire cards is a small gimmick, and it is pretty self contained. But you have to ask yourself if it is
A: Necessary,
B: Worth the Risk.

I do a lot of fire. Most of my performances are at least 40-50% fire effects, but fire is mostly outside at night.
Because Accidents can happen.

I have a healthy respect for Fire. But I was distracted during a recent pratice session and burned both hands enough to say "Ouch" for a long time. And since I know recently and "first hand" what it feels like, I have an extra incentive to avoid anyone else being burned because of me.

VERY RARELY do I perform fire inside, and ONLY with special preparations and proper separation from the audience.
The preparation consists of at least two extinguishers actively manned, and separation means at least 6 feet of space all around me as I perform.

For what you want to do, a "flash" may serve, FISM Flash or Finger Flasher, etc, rather than open flames.

I am not saying that a stage act should not have Fire. That is a good place because of the separation of performer and audience. But I am saying that people will amaze you, as to what they will do, when you are trying to amaze them.

And Never, Never do fire without talking to the establishments management. They may have insurance or other business issues that remove fire as a performing option.

Nuff on that! As they used to say on Hill Street Blues, just "Be Careful out there!"


If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
Message: Posted by: flourish dude (Jan 22, 2002 03:56PM)
What about the fire wallet? Is this also risky?
Message: Posted by: John Zander (Jan 22, 2002 11:07PM)
Don't do it. If you must, check with the management first. I would say NEVER use fire so close to a spectator, especially children.
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Jan 22, 2002 11:23PM)
A certain performer I know once decided to do a fire effect in close up--and caught a ladyís hair on fire! Seems she had used quite a bit of hairspray, which was highly flammable. The flame didnít even TOUCH her; it just came near enough to ignite the spray (on her head)!

Do what you want, but I NEVER do fire effects right next to the table.
I occasionally do Bannonís "Shriek of the Mutilated" from behind the bar, where spectators are separated from me by a good bit, and a fire extinguisher and/or water source are immediately available.
Message: Posted by: brainman (Feb 16, 2002 06:00PM)
..hmmmm I do it.. with a tiny bit of flash-string... it works for me and I take the chance.
The only thing I check twice are the kinds of fire alerts installed in the performing-room.

My enemy is hairspray!