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Topic: Video: Real Streets. Real People. Real Reactions. Street Magic.
Message: Posted by: Jeff_Mash (Jul 6, 2006 01:35PM)
I thought this was hilarious. It may be old, but it's worth a second watch if it is! I personally loved the effect involving the Guinea Pig and the Hat!!

[url=http://www.mjmmagic.com/videos/streetmagic.wmv]Real Streets. Real People. Real Reactions. Street Magic. [/url]

It's always good to see humor mixed in with a magic theme, wouldn't you say?! LOL
Message: Posted by: Phil C (Jul 6, 2006 03:48PM)
Haha, I've seen this before.
Funny stuff :)
Message: Posted by: Jeff_Mash (Jul 9, 2006 11:53AM)
I like when he says, "Are you sure you're biggest fear is not being hit by a car?" LOL
Message: Posted by: ChrixF (Jul 10, 2006 08:34AM)
I like it when he says, "Are you sure your biggest fear is not clowns?" and then the clown comes out and tackles the guy. :) It really made me laugh, great video.

Message: Posted by: Cheety (Jul 19, 2006 04:10PM)
But the gerbil dissapears, holy :lol:
Message: Posted by: Tyler_Magician (Jul 19, 2006 04:53PM)
Ha, that was great. I want to see some more of those! Thanks Jeff
Message: Posted by: ChristianR (Aug 9, 2006 12:50PM)
Ok, I know this is another old post but, did they really kill the gerbil?
Message: Posted by: cigam3d (Aug 9, 2006 10:16PM)
This vdeo is funny. It's like one of you know your bored when you type thing haha.