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Topic: Bed of Nails Thread
Message: Posted by: Slim Price (Dec 13, 2002 07:55PM)
Fer them as likes it, there is a very good thread running concerning the bed of nails on Slim's discussion group, stop by and sign the guestbook, please....
Slim Price
Message: Posted by: Bscanw (Dec 17, 2002 09:48PM)
Hi I just found the group and joined as I am currently performing a bed of nails stunt. Where I sandwich myself between 2 4ft beds of 6" 60d bright finish nails spaced on 2" centers and have a stack of three 4x8x16 (35 lbs each) concrete blocks placed on top of the top bed and then they are broken with a 14lb sledge
Message: Posted by: Slim Price (Dec 17, 2002 10:35PM)
Thanks for joining! Search <Harley> for more on BofN... Heh heh, Whadya do for an encore?
Slim & Krista
Message: Posted by: Bscanw (Dec 18, 2002 04:23AM)
Currently I'm simply trying to work up to the greatest amount of eright I withstand while sandwiched. But I am in the process of building new beds, each measuring 12" wide and 18" long, with 6" nails on 4" spacing, or only 6 nails per bed, then I'll be attempting the same type of sandwich