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Topic: Ellis Ring
Message: Posted by: magic_geek1 (Jul 9, 2006 04:54PM)
I bough my Ellis Ring yesterday and was looking for a demo on the Internet so I can see some different routines with it. Unfortunately I only found one [url=http://www.my-magicshop.com/videoclips/00000097380e3b820.html]www.my-magicshop.com[/url].

It looks so good. But this is a different kind of ring. This one is hexagon and mine is rounded off. So I was wondering if I can execute this trick with my Ellis ring. I watched the demo for hours and coudn't figure out where the gimmick is or what goes where.

Thanks a lot for you help- JR
Message: Posted by: alex_is_king_of_magic (Jul 10, 2006 09:56AM)
Well personally I like the wizard pk myself so I have no further instuction for the ellis ring although I would like to kno if it is a m**n*t also
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jul 10, 2006 01:02PM)
There are some books out on the Jaradine Ellis Ring. Also see if Magic Inc. in Chicago, still has "Jay's Jinking Rings" which adds many other great bits with the prop. One of the GREAT effects is "Thumb Fun."

You put the ring over a spectator's thumb, cover her hand with a handkerchief and showing your hands empty, you take the ring OFF of her thumb, it vanishes and instatnly re-appears on her thumb as you whisk away the handkerchief.
Message: Posted by: jeline (Jul 10, 2006 02:11PM)
Paul Wilson had some nice work with an Ellis ring too.
Message: Posted by: jeline (Jul 10, 2006 02:27PM)
Paul's site (rpaulwilson.com) has an e-book with Paul's routine and a video file.