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Topic: Laser Effect
Message: Posted by: Zack (Dec 14, 2002 06:39AM)
I want to use a "laser tunnel" effect. Anybody know what wattage is necessary to pull this off?
Message: Posted by: Khopri (Dec 18, 2002 06:57PM)
You might be able to make something that looks the same with a standard Elipsoidal stage light. To do it with a laser for just this effect would be way too cost prohibitive.
Message: Posted by: joespuppets (Dec 30, 2002 09:44PM)
I've played with trying to make a laser cone with a 1.6mw He-Ne laser. However, it just didn't have enough power to show up on stage, even with all lights off.

There are green lasers out there which are brighter for the same wattages (which I've not tried). But I suspect that you just can't get much of a laser cone in an eye-safe power level. The equipment is also subject to inspection by those who govern these laws.

However, I have seen some great laser-like effects from non laser sources. There are disco lights that put out a pencil-thin fan of light. Nowdays these are all motorized to dance to the music or in place. They put out a very nice "fanned plane" effect. I know of others that produce that cone of light but with a narrow angle.

Check out your nearest disk jockey store.
Message: Posted by: mforteath (Feb 8, 2003 04:52AM)
Some event lighting stores will hire out lighting effects. I am sure they could help with your request at a reasonable price.
Message: Posted by: Backroomboy (Apr 24, 2003 08:45AM)
Go to your local "Wiggle-light" purveyor.
Message: Posted by: Zack (May 24, 2003 11:13PM)
Yeah, I went there. They had no idea what I was talking about.

I was in a club last night that had a laser effect that was pretty much exactly what I was looking for (but it was a fan, not a cone).
Message: Posted by: joespuppets (Jun 16, 2003 01:29AM)
You definitely do not need a laser for a
"laser cone" effect. Of course, a 1 WATT laser is better at showing crisp, clearly defined swirls of smoke, but you probably don't want the hassle of dealing with a 1 watt laser either.

You said you went to a DJ store, but they didn't know what you were talking about. But, I am certain that what you want exists in the world of the DJ store... but perhaps you need to find one with better lighting personel. If you saw a similar effect at a club, the person running the lights might be a good source of information for you.

Another place to look for fixtures that do this effect is at a Theatrical Supply store.
Message: Posted by: David Garrity (Jun 16, 2003 09:23PM)
You may want to check [url=http://www.chauvetlighting.com/system/chauvet/effectshome.html]here....[/url]
...for the light you are looking for. Figure out which light will create the effect you are looking for, write down the name, and head back to the DJ store and ask for it specifically.
Message: Posted by: ClintonMagus (Jun 19, 2003 11:09AM)
[url=http://www.geocities.com/dj_dave1_au/light_effects_1.html]Try this site[/url]

They have something they say produces "that classic laser tunnel effect", whatever that means.

Most of the laser tunnel systems I have seen look like they would be much better to rent, unless you were using one all the time in a high-paying gig.

Amos McCormick
Message: Posted by: djvirtualreality (Aug 7, 2003 11:40AM)
Wow, one watt is extremely bright. What color do you want? I use a 35mW red HeNe laser for my dj setup. I made my own laser tunnel. Go to Radio Shack, buy a galvanometer (galvo) and attach it to some electricity so it spins. Super glue a round mirror to it. Aim the laser at it, shoot some fog and there ya go...a laser tunnel. Since beamboxes are out of my price range I made my own laser show with my Gemini Laser Launcher. I put it on a box and put mirrors around the box (aimed them of course) and let it run audio active. I also put a mirror on my speaker (taped) and let the speaker vibrate it. Shine the laser on it, instant laser show. Hope that helped.

P.S http://www.laseramazers.com has the cheapest prices around.