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Topic: Possibly Interesting Challenge
Message: Posted by: MagicMarker (Jul 13, 2006 10:10AM)
Anyone Interested in This Idea.

I'll post the Effect of a Self Working Trick, probably from one of the well known books.

You guys have a go at posting potential methods. I'll rely on you to be honest and not go searching your Karl Fulves Books etc. And if you recognise the effect from a book you have don't post the published method.

It might be interesting to see if anyone posts the exact same method as originally published. Or more interestingly if someone hits on a different method, even if it isn't self working. A lot of those books have removed sleights to make tricks self working. If anyone can see an enhancement to the effect that would be all the better.

Think of it as a sort of Workshop.

After a recent thread on Favourite Self working tricks I saw a flurry of PM's many coming up with improvements and variations on an Effect/Method I mentioned. I'm growing more and more convinced that there's real gold in those Regular Book store type Magic Books. I just picked up Magic for Dummies in Barnes and Noble last week and flicked to a random card trick. I tried it on my Wife when I got home and it fooled her. This is a woman who saw through some of David Copperfield, and Lance Burton's effects in Vegas.

Is everyone OK with this? Should a discussion like this happen in Secret Sessions?

Is it a dumb idea?

Message: Posted by: NeoMagic (Jul 13, 2006 12:55PM)
Secret Sessions.
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Jul 13, 2006 02:50PM)
Secret Sessions.