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Topic: Greed and new bills
Message: Posted by: bsears (Jul 14, 2006 05:58PM)
Can anyone tell me if Greed will work with the new, more colorful American bills? It seems to me that because they are printed to be less similar in design they will not work for the changes.
Message: Posted by: gfcal (Jul 14, 2006 09:32PM)
In mine, I actually am using a new $10 and a new $20. There's some risk in this because, to your point, they don't match up exactly. I'm actually less concerned about the $20, and more concerned with the color in the $10. No one has noticed during the $10 to 20 switch, but I use my hand to conceal the differences combined with small movements. That said, I may switch out the new bills for old bills.
Message: Posted by: bsears (Jul 15, 2006 01:46PM)
Thanks! Exactly what I thought, you would have to cover half the bill, which is just too suspicious. Anyone have any other solutions?
Message: Posted by: gfcal (Jul 15, 2006 06:06PM)
I've been working with this today and come up with a way to eliminate that obstacle. It requires an alteration to the original setup and a bit more practice in the handling, but you can probably figure out how to make it work if you want to take the extra step.

Message: Posted by: sibbie (Jul 15, 2006 07:09PM)
They say Daniel Garcia made the first bills out of Monopoly money. As long as the bills (or pieces of paper for that matter) are the same size then there should be no problem.
Message: Posted by: gfcal (Jul 16, 2006 03:12PM)
It's been awhile since I've handled monopoly money, but I believe it's a little smaller and probably easier to conceal. That said, the color differences in the $10 and $20 can be handled with a little bit of cover and movement, but an alternate handling allows you to present the $10 with no cover at all. It's a matter of preference (or using older bills).
Message: Posted by: TKE (Jul 21, 2006 09:58AM)
I love being able to show the 10 & 20 very cleanly since they are the same color.

covering half the bill will really hurt the presentation in my opinion.

with the new bills becoming more dominant its gonna be harder to make another greed bill with older bills.

and eventually the new 10s and 20s will be so standard that using the old ones may arouse suspicion.
Message: Posted by: gfcal (Jul 23, 2006 04:24PM)
After working with this more, I agree. I'm now able to show top and bottom of the folded $10 and then, after the final fold, show the $20. I like this a little better.
Message: Posted by: gdw (Aug 1, 2006 11:06AM)
Well Daniel said he used to do this with Monopoly money so I doubt there's too much of a problem.

My friend got it, and were Canadian, so he's working on doing it with Canadian bills, and they're all different colours.

I haven't seen him do it yet, but I'll let you know how it goes, aside from the added expense with our smallest bill being a 5, he has to go to 50, and no 50 cent piece, so he has to work out a ifferent gag, or what ever for the end.

Not that he should be just using Daniel's exact patter, nore should anyone. Be original.
Message: Posted by: gdw (Aug 8, 2006 11:40PM)
Ok, so for those doing it with Canadian, DEFFINATELY try it with printing your own as it will cost you a minimume of thirty $ to make it, and it seems that banks are now having the pollicy that they need both serial numbers on the bill to replace it.

Don't know why, aslong as you have more then half the bill and a full serial nuber then they should replace it because that means that the other piece is LESS then half, so there is no way to get two bills from one and people also don't get ****ed if a bill is torn and they loss a piece.
Message: Posted by: ak91 (Aug 10, 2006 02:53PM)
To use the new 10s and 20s, just cover the middle seam up to the green oval. The matching green throws attention off the subtle orange to green transition, while your finger covers the actual seam. This way you can show nearly all of the folded bill.
Message: Posted by: Joey Stalin (Aug 16, 2006 03:17AM)
Ok, so just to clear things up does this effect using Canadian bills? Cause our $5 bills are blue, $10s are purple, and $20s are green. Is this worth getting to use with current canadian bills?
Message: Posted by: TKE (Aug 16, 2006 06:53PM)
Joey its possible but there are gonna be two problems:

1. Because all of your bills contrast so much, you're going to have to make sure your greed bill is almost perfect. U.S. bills are more forgiving where if we're showing a 5, and a piece of the 10 flashes, then its not noticable. So you're going to have to make the bill with extreme precision.

2. you're going to have to adjust your handling, which can take away from the effect because you might have to hide a little more.

Its up to you. I'd say go for it. Give it a shot. What do you have to lose.