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Topic: Soundsystem necessary for 25 people?
Message: Posted by: KiKi (Jul 19, 2006 02:48AM)
Hi! I have a show, and it will be outside, very small, just about 25 people! Do you think it`s better to use a soundsystem? I don`t have a lot experience with outside-shows!
Thanx Kiki
Message: Posted by: Michael Messing (Jul 19, 2006 05:35AM)
I generally use a sound system for outdoor shows to make sure I'm clearly heard. Even with a small group, it can be difficult to hear a person speaking if there are any competing noises (pets, planes overhead, etc.) In addition, your voice doesn't carry the same way outside as it does when you have walls confining your space.

I would recommend a small PA system for your show.

Message: Posted by: RobertBloor (Jul 19, 2006 11:01AM)
Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Message: Posted by: silverking (Jul 19, 2006 04:07PM)
Twenty-Five people is three rows of 7 with a couple more in front.

Do you really think you need a sound system for this size of a crowd?

Most PA type speakers don't funtion properly at these short distances. Their horizontal coverage pattern is far to tight at this close range.

I'd think this one through from the point of view of keeping it simple, and not bringing production value where it's either not needed, or the physics of the PA won't let it work as you would like it to.
Message: Posted by: Dakota Rose (Jul 19, 2006 06:31PM)
I would have to agree with Mr. Messing and Mr. Bloor. I did an outdoor show at a swimming pool. It was a private party with about 25 people. Everyone was spread out under the shelter house. Not in rows.

It was so loud there, with the kids swimming and screaming, the shelter house was beside the filter house, and I can't remember where the other noises were coming from. But it was really loud. Fortunately, I had my small sound system I got just for these kind of situations. Glad I did or no one would have heard me.

Hope this helps.

Dakota Rose
Message: Posted by: Dan McLean Jr aka, Magic Roadie (Jul 19, 2006 09:08PM)
Dakota makes an excellent point. It might depend upon how much square footage you need to cover, how attentive your audience is, what other sounds you have to compete with, and even how loud your performance voice is. Context, as always, is very important to consider.

At my local "brick 'n mortar" magic shop, The Browsers Den in Toronto, I provide a little PA for the annual auctions. It's a good wired headset, and two 9"-high speakers on stands. This EASILY covers a small, crowded room of 50-70 people, many of whom are chatting through the whole thing. The sound quality is excellent, and there's PLENTY of extra volume available.

At most music stores, you can rent a wireless headset mic and a small powered speaker on a stand for very little money, so if you think you'll need one, at least it probably won't "break the bank"!
Message: Posted by: RicHeka (Jul 19, 2006 09:46PM)
For situations like this I usually use my Califone portable PA. http://www.schooloutfitters.com/catalog/product_info/pfam_id/PFAM645/products_id/PRO3832

It is a neat little rechargeable unit that can be used any time you need voice enhancement,such as noisy strolling gig's etc. I have had mine for 3 years with no problems,and I do use it a lot.

P.S.; It can be worn very discreetly clipped on your belt at the small of your back with or without a jacket.

Message: Posted by: KiKi (Jul 20, 2006 01:09AM)
Thanks for the input so far! Best Kiki
Message: Posted by: Regan (Jul 22, 2006 08:59AM)

I have to agree with the majority here. Ourdoors can be tricky with sound. I don't really know what kind of environment you you will be in. In a very quite, rural setting with no traffic nearby you might not need it, but otherwise I'd amplify if I could.