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Topic: What was the best part and the worst part of the National Convention
Message: Posted by: Rickfcm (Jul 21, 2006 06:13PM)
Finances usually keep me from going to the national convention and it was the same this year. For those who went tell us the good, the bad and the ugly.
Message: Posted by: Joey Evans (Jul 22, 2006 08:48AM)
There were so many good lecturers. Steve Hamner of Canada gave an excellent lecture on getting into schools. Also, a new act this year was Oz and Wilde. Their show was fabulous. Not only that they held up a huge lecture note package, more than 200 pages, and included all the tricks they were lecturing about. And here's the kick...they gave them away not charging anything for them, amazing.
As far as the nightly program, there were several good acts. Actually one of my favorites was, don't tell him I said this, Justin Flom's act. He truly has a unique and very hilarious stage act. If you're ever in Branson, you should stop by and see him. The evening program this year was very magic heavy as far as performances. That's all off the top of my head, except that we really missed Kerry Kistler!

Message: Posted by: Kerry Kistler (Jul 30, 2006 09:57AM)
Hey Joey,
Thanks. I missed the old gang too. Hopefully in '07.
Message: Posted by: paulmagic (Aug 3, 2006 07:38PM)
Looks like most(?) FCM members do not vist the Magic Café ... :-( Was hioping for some personal insights into the FCM conference. What are the numbers like?
Does anyone know what's FCM's membership is in terms of numbers?
Message: Posted by: Don Nelson (Aug 8, 2006 03:40PM)
On 2006-08-03 20:38, paulmagic wrote:
Looks like most(?) FCM members do not vist the Magic Café ... :-( Was hioping for some personal insights into the FCM conference. What are the numbers like?
Does anyone know what's FCM's membership is in terms of numbers?

According to the announcements at the business meeting, FCM now has 1425 active members. This would not include family members in the same family as an active member. The latest assigned member number at the time of the convention was 12613-06.

Of these members, just over 500 attended the convention this year. I too wonder how many FCM members visit here--I just joined TMC recently although I have belonged to FCM since 1991 and IBM since 2000.

As one who attends the convention regularly, I would evaluate it as inspiring, great fun, and a chance to renew friendships and learn new things. The performers on the evening programs were top notch and showed great variety, including David Ginn, Oz and Wilde, Bob Hill, The Extreme Balloon Man, David & Teesha Laflin, Justin Flom, Dave Mitchell, Kevin and Cindy Spencer. (This is not a complete list--there were many other fine performers.) In the past the programs have often run long; this year they kept to schedule and left the audience wanting more. "Tricky" Ricky Henson's devotional message on "The Eagle Principle" was profound and quite entertaining. The Thursday young performers' program showcased a lot of new talent and gave me a confident feeling about the future of the organization.

New to the convention this year was a balloon sculpture competition that attracted about 50 entries and a lot of interest from the attendees and public. The Mystery Men gospel quartet provided harmonious music for many of the general sessions and also seemed to catch the spirit of the convention. I didn't have much time personally to explore the dealer area, but it was usually busy. And of course there were continual impromptu conversations, magic demonstrations, and "can you help me learn to do this" sessions anytime a small group formed.

Don Nelson (FCM member 8010-91)
Message: Posted by: lhughes (Aug 8, 2006 06:01PM)
I have been to the last two conventions, but unfortunately did not make it this year. I have heard some comments that the Caféteria food was quite different. Has anyone got any comments? The food in the past was great and my whole family really enjoyed the conventions in the past.
Message: Posted by: Joey Evans (Aug 8, 2006 07:22PM)
The food wasn't bad this year. It was kind of awkward the way they set it up. There was construction in the main Caféteria so the had a make shift Caféteria set up in the the halls and adjacent rooms. Also the Quad area was closed this year, which was unfortunate as this was where the majority of the juggling classes were held and jugglers practiced. It was inconvenient, but unavoidable.
Message: Posted by: lhughes (Aug 22, 2006 06:33PM)
So does this mean that next year the Caféteria and the quad area will be open? I am already beginning to plan for next years.
Message: Posted by: Joey Evans (Aug 23, 2006 09:51PM)
They should be. Construction should be finished soon. So it'll all be back to normal. You really should come. It's always a great convention. My favorite magic convention, simply for the atmosphere and the fact that it's a week long. No rushing.
Message: Posted by: Nathan J. Roberts (Aug 30, 2006 05:56PM)
I really enjoyed the FCM this year. It was great. Not only did I get to be a dealer/lecturer, I got to meet a lot of new friends, including the above mentioned Steve Hamner, Jim Austin, and too many to try to mention here. Over all I believe it was a really good convention.

Nathan J. Roberts
Message: Posted by: ChrisG (Aug 31, 2006 02:04PM)
Your lectures were great. I learned a lot. The kids seemed to really enjoy the routines with the sticks.

This year was a good mix of new lecturers and returning ones.

Oz and Wilde were a lot of fun. They gave, at their expence, lecture notes (more than a hundred pages) and several tricks.

The Jedi Knight (Don Nelson, above), complete with self inflating light sabre was entertaining as MC.

The evening programs were all good.

Message: Posted by: Belleque (Sep 1, 2006 02:46PM)
I really missed being there this year too! It would have been fun to be a part of the balloon competition - my hands are still blue from making waves for last years balloon project! Greg Schuerman (I think I spelled his last name wrong) posted some great pics of the balloon competition and balloon lectures on his sight, http://www.gospelballoons.com if anyone would like to take a look! I wish I lived closer so I could attend more often! Barry Mitchell was selling my "Song of John" CD and I would have been interested in people's reactions to it!

Hope to see you next year!!

Message: Posted by: Belleque (Sep 1, 2006 02:47PM)
Oh and Nathan Roberts did the music for "The Song of John"! Thanks Nathan!
Message: Posted by: Ron Cote (Sep 9, 2006 08:19AM)
I joined FCM last fall and this was our first FCM convention and certainly will not be our last. I don't think that there was anything that was not professionaly done. My wife and I are looking forward to returning to Marion next July to renew our new friends in Christ.
Message: Posted by: Fred Kirkland (Sep 13, 2006 09:45PM)
I'm a Children Entertainer/ magician / balloon artist for about 29 years I live in metro Atlanta Ga for 12 years and looking to meet a group of Christain Magicians group as I'm a IBM member and performed a little Christain magic & balloons years a go. Can anybody send me some info.
Fred K Magic