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Topic: Trick to teach via e-mail
Message: Posted by: Mallusionist (Jul 25, 2006 12:01PM)
I occasionally get an e-mail to my site from a young person who wants to learn a card trick. I usually tell them how to do a cross-cut force and an interesting reveal, but I'd like suggestions for something more interesting that a) requires no skill, b) is appropriate for a youngster, and c) is so well known that nobody will hate me for exposing it.
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Jul 25, 2006 12:19PM)
Just recommend a book on self-working card tricks.
"21 Card Trick",key card and one ahead tricks perhaps?

Funny web site by the way. :)
Message: Posted by: djrdjr (Jul 25, 2006 04:10PM)
Ah, the Web site guy. Brilliant!

Message: Posted by: cancilla (Jul 25, 2006 09:49PM)
Recommending a book is a good idea. Maybe one of Scarne's -- I still love those after more years than I care to remember.

(Thanks for the nice comments about the site, by the way.)
Message: Posted by: mrunge (Jul 25, 2006 10:40PM)
You might also point them to their local bookstore. One can usually find books by Bob Longe, and sometimes Karl Fulves, on simple, easy, card effects. They are usually priced at $6 or $7 (US) each, so they are definitely affordable. This way, they can try multiple effects, figure out what works for them (given their basic skill level) and help them to grow and learn magic.
Message: Posted by: Hushai (Jul 26, 2006 03:07AM)
On 2006-07-25 13:19, Jaz wrote:
Funny web site by the way. :)

Yes, "Mallusionist" IS a funny site. I just looked at it for the first time on Jaz's recommendation. :)
Message: Posted by: magicleo (Aug 2, 2006 10:21PM)
A trick by Shawn Farquhar called "A Little Bit of Magic" is good, but I don't know if he has exclusive rights over it or not...I know I learned it, and it's basically self-working...
He has an account on here, so just pm him to see if you can tell the youngsters about the trick. It's really good, but ask him anyway, just to be on the safe side.