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Topic: Picking handcuffs in the open ?
Message: Posted by: Xargos (Jul 25, 2006 12:05PM)
Would you pick handcuffs (with say a bobby pin) in the open ? Not as part of a demo of how to pick ONE handcuffs but in a real escape ?

The idea crossed my mind but I absolutly don't know what to think of this ...
Message: Posted by: Viano (Aug 2, 2006 06:47AM)
Showing the my restraints are easy to get out of has never been my goal. I sell the struggle. However, a bobby pin can be scripted in to a larger playlet if it is simply one of the skills you use.

My partner uses a Bobby Pin as part of the methods of getting out of her Steve Baker Challange Belt. It requires great flexibility for her to retreive it and the bit plays well for her.

I have used a Bobby Pin to lay a false trail on an excape that involves multiple restraints. If fact, it is never used. I switch it for a pre-bent one, so at the end it appears that I fashioned a pick from a bobby pin and then used it to escape.

Message: Posted by: aggieman (Sep 9, 2006 01:09PM)
I heard a guy on the radio once pick the a set of hand cuffs using a fishing hook. And he did that in full view of the people there, if was funny.
Message: Posted by: Wolflock (Sep 9, 2006 03:34PM)
I personally don't lik it. I like to do that under cover rather. don't know why, just seems like the right thing for me.

Message: Posted by: Steve Baker - Mr.Escape (Sep 9, 2006 11:12PM)
Can anyone name any escape artist who became famous,or well known for
performing a full view hand cuff escape using a pick or shim!!


Message: Posted by: The Donster (Sep 9, 2006 11:32PM)
How about Norm Biglowe he was Famous/well Known and Does picking in Full View look at his Door of DEATH.
Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Sep 11, 2006 01:06PM)
On 2006-07-25 13:05, Xargos wrote:
Would you pick handcuffs (with say a bobby pin) in the open ? Not as part of a demo of how to pick ONE handcuffs but in a real escape ?

First you must consider there are two classes of escape artist. One is possbly not as familiar with lockpicking, or chooses to use catalog equipment for various reasons, such as safety or a long running booking where a failure of any kind may mean the check stops.

The second group is highly skilled such as Norm, and a very few others, and has the ability to continue regardless of the circumstances. This is a small and rare fold and just a tiny fraction of the people doing escapes. More often than not this group has their own equipment custom built to match their higher skill level.

The key being don't get too deep, too quick and overestimate your chances of success, since people that do work with real equipment will all tell you that getting in too deep is part of the learning curve.

The answer you are after: Is it permissible? Yes, all things are permissible. BUT, there is always a but, The moment the people watching you are no longer having a good time and enjoying themselves...it is wrong. Nobody gets locked up and escapes just to entertain themselves. (i guess we hope not) Its all about the people watching. Treat the whole thing that way and ignore everything else.
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Sep 11, 2006 01:46PM)
I did a full view picking the last time I was on Kerrang! radio.

It went down well and for that performance was the right thing to do.

We should remember that all the great escape artists (as far as I know) have used a blend of many different techniques to perform their escapes.

It is possible to use a legit full view picking of cuffs to throw the audience off the scent (so to speak).

Creating, in the mind of the crowd, that everything being done is legit (similar to what Viano says above).

I've always thought that the public all know that locks can be picked. They don't know how, but they know they can be. So why not use that to our advantage?

Personally I think the question should be "does the audience find full view picking entertaining?" rather than "should an escape artist pick cuffs in full view?".

Just a jumble of my thoughts.

Take care,

Message: Posted by: Kondini (Sep 11, 2006 03:02PM)
Think we have been here before.
I feel if the entertainment content is enhanced anything goes!!!!
But as a demonstration of skill,,,,its not me.
I pinched an idea from Mark Cannon which worked well for me,,,,useing the latex skin as a concealment for the pick!!!! I got a double whammy by forcing! the pick from beneath my flesh!! then picked! The lock at the base of the spine on my SSJ. My style, maybe not yours, just gauge the effect by the ammount of applause.

Message: Posted by: Xargos (Sep 12, 2006 02:24AM)
Hmmmmmmmmm fgake latex skin... I have worked with latex quiet a bit (to make LARP swords), how do you get the latex to match your skin tone ? How about the "texture" and such ... could you make a tutorial ? or give me the references from a book or something ?
Message: Posted by: Wolflock (Sep 12, 2006 03:16AM)
You do get skin tone makeup. It has different shades which you can mix and match to match your skin colour. You just have to find a few books to discribe your skin tone. A few beauticians can help you in this regard too. Best products that I have used for this and my Horror Makeup is still, IMHO, Kryolan products. They make most of the products for movie sets, etc. Else, Dust the Latex off with a bit of Talcum powder and use a Base which matches your skin. (Any woman can help you with that.)

Message: Posted by: Kondini (Sep 12, 2006 03:52AM)
Use the same method as for the spike through arm, this works easy. If you don`t know the method, buy it.

Message: Posted by: aggieman (Sep 12, 2006 03:46PM)
On 2006-09-12 04:52, Kondini wrote:
Use the same method as for the spike through arm, this works easy. If you don`t know the method, buy it.


LOL, I thought I was the only one who did this. I guess not. Great mind think Alike! ;)
Message: Posted by: JohnWolf (Oct 11, 2006 07:42PM)
Would not want to do it in the open. One time my pick wasn't in my suit coat when I went to open the cuffs. Had to use the pin off the button I happened to be wearing that day. Too close!
Message: Posted by: Arkadia (Oct 17, 2006 04:54AM)
Ken: That idea is priceless! Thanks for sharing the basic idea of your performance. I started thinking and now have an idea for an escape that I think can be really entertaining as well as impressive. I will not hide a pick in my arm - as you do - but in my nose. The principles will be the same. (And I understand that this is in no way unique.) I hope to do this version for my WEAR-show before the final stunt. To build a crowd so to speak.

All: If anyone are still reading I guess you're interested in the escape. Basically I will make a transport jacket out of heavy canvas and leather. I will also build a steel neck collar. I get placed in a pair of handcuffs which are padlocked to a transport belt. Then I am placed in the prison jacket. The steel collar are padlocked around my neck and a chain is attached to the collar. The chain goes down between my legs like a crotch strap. From the chain a leather belt is strapped around my body. (Like the Novak punishment suit - with just one belt) In order to get out I will get my hands up to my neck and retrieve the pick from my nose. (Pun intended) Then I will pick the cuff, and with my hands open the combination padlock which holds the collar.

This idea is very new so I do not know in what way I will present this. I will have to find some good places for drama and laughter. That will come through rehearsal.

Just wanted to share my ideas.

Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Oct 17, 2006 08:24AM)
Hey Ark,

Somone beat you to it. Twoweeks ago at the escape convention I saw Joe Fox escape from multiple cuffs after taking the pick from up his nose. He did it well and the audience loved it.
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Oct 17, 2006 08:31AM)
Ever since learning the human blockhead I've used this as a place to conceal picks.

I tend to talk about how Houdini learnt to regurgitate picks and was able to hide them all over his body.

I had no idea that anyone else did this till I heard that Joe had done it at the Cannons convention.

And I bet neither of us were the first either. I'm guessing that the idea is probably as old as the Human Blockhead itself.
Message: Posted by: Xargos (Oct 17, 2006 10:24AM)
I always wondered if anyone could do the Human Blockhead or if it depends on your morphology, I am a bit scared to try this alone, but I guess this is a nice attention getter.