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Topic: Creating Flash Streamer...
Message: Posted by: Oayil (Dec 17, 2002 05:40AM)
I would like to create flash streamer.... The idea goes like this.... First, It is the same thing as throwing the streamer, just that it is possible to make the streamer to become a flash paper ...

Throw the streamer.. at the end of the streamer which you are holding to, it is connected to some igniting device which lit the streamer and create the whole streamer which is bursting out in to a big flash....

Please help on this.
I really need this idea

Message: Posted by: niva (Dec 17, 2002 07:54AM)
I do not know whether this will actually work. If I understood well, as you throw the streamer into the air, fire goes up the streamer, right? You could achieve this using an igniter in your hand which is holding the end of the streamer. But I think it is very dangerous as the streamer will become very heavy with the fire and will fall on the floor, or even worse on somebody/you.
I would go for another more visual effect with flash paper. Check out Flash O' Ribbons at http://www.ahouseoffire.com and tell me what you think. There is also another wonderful gimmick, called the Six Shooter.
Ivan :bubbly:
Message: Posted by: Oayil (Dec 18, 2002 02:58AM)
Thanks niva for the help.. I did go to a house of fire site and looked at the Flash O' Ribbon...

But basically what I want is the other way round of what the flash O' Ribbon was done...

Flash O'Ribbon works when it throws the flash, then it burst into streamers but what I want is the streamer has been thrown and open to the max then the fire or the ignitor from the plam of the hand lit up the streamers all the way from your plam to the end of the streamer... which means the streamer is seen by the audience with the iginitor lit the streamer, all the streamer will burst into a flash and disappear....

This is what I am looking for.....

Hope that someone could help out with me with this effect...

Message: Posted by: iwillfoolu (Jan 24, 2003 09:18PM)
I don't even know if this will work and take no responsibility for your actions should you decide to try this.

This is going to get expensive. Take 20 sheets of flash paper and glue them end to end. Roll it up into a tight tube and tape it with thin pieces of tape. Cut it into little streamers and make your own throw streamers (look at the design of a Cressey streamer). You're looking at $20.00 a pop or so. Also don't even think about doing this AT an audience, one of the streamers could break and throw a ball of fire at the audience.

As far as lighting a match pull would work for trials. Pull the match as the streamer is being thrown.

Message: Posted by: Alchemist (Jan 24, 2003 10:14PM)
I'm with Ivan, I think this is a very dangerous effect since the direction of the streamer would not be under your complete control. You might want to consider some different fire device like Inferno which shoots a stream of fire.