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Topic: Idiot swallows hardware store
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Aug 4, 2006 11:20AM)

Considering much of what is in ananova is BS...grain of salt...but...
Message: Posted by: FacadeTheStiltBoy (Aug 4, 2006 05:51PM)
Natural selection at it's finest
Message: Posted by: Matt Malinas (Aug 4, 2006 07:33PM)
That guy really had ambition...and he must have had A LOT to drink.
good thing he survived...phew

Message: Posted by: AntonDreaming (Aug 5, 2006 02:02PM)
Somthing tells me that the saraded knife wouldent go down regardless of drunken state. And if it did I cant imagine it not killing you. My persoanly feeling is that the pic is fake but hey I could be wrong. The knife in the pic appears to be about 10 inches long (in my opinion more but hey I'm being conserivtive) Somthing of that legnth would most likely never go down without impaling the person.

Just my opinion,

Message: Posted by: thegreatnippulini (Aug 6, 2006 12:54PM)
Notice that all the items were found point up? Also, the knife seems to be blanked (no scales, handles or tang pins). Knife blanks are NOT sold in stores, they are either hand made (forged) or purchased through catalog. I highly suspect this "article" as a fake. In addition, the list of items seems to not match those in the picture. I could go on and on.

But hey, if the average idiot wants to believe the it, then the STORY is a success.
Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Aug 6, 2006 12:58PM)
The guy is out drunk, eats a bunch of things, has surgery to remove them, and still has money enough to be planning a vacation. I wonder who paid for his surgery?
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Aug 6, 2006 01:28PM)
Like I said...a LOT of Ananova is total BS. Not as funny as the old Weekly World News, but they try!
Message: Posted by: dave_matkin (Aug 14, 2006 05:18PM)
The items also seem very low for a stomach. I may be wrong - but I am a college biology lecturer (who hates anatomy – but not as much as plants!)

I may run off to the Tortora (wife’s radiography text book) and have a look. If I cant find anything else to read!