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Topic: Ed Marlo the Legend
Message: Posted by: EMVT (Aug 7, 2006 03:19PM)
I was wondering if anyone lives in Toronto, Canada and owns the Marlo magazines volumes 1-6. Also if anyone has these and would be willing to part with these or even copy some material for me that would be great as I am willing to pay for these great volumes from my favourite cardician.

Thanks In Advance,
Message: Posted by: SPINE (Aug 16, 2006 08:14AM)
I don't think it's right that you ask to copy some of the material.

Midwest Magic has 4 of them and they are in mint condition!

Call them and ask about them.

Message: Posted by: GeorgeG (Aug 16, 2006 12:49PM)
The limited re-release of Marlo Magazine 1 & 2 are on ebay at the moment..do a search.
Message: Posted by: EMVT (Aug 16, 2006 09:37PM)
Thank you guys for the info I already checked e-bay can't seem to locate them maybe I'm punching in the wrong stuff but I type in Marlo magazines and magazines that he contributed concerning his tricks show up not his actual Marlo magazine volumes.

Also Spine I apologize for saying to copy some material as I am against this myself if there is anything in print I will buy it and I don't share or copy material, anyway it's just that I want these magazines very badly because Marlo is my favourite and I know it's very rare to find these particular books.I will definitely call Midwest Magic and ask about these books.

Thank you guys for the info I gladly appreciate it
Message: Posted by: jcards01 (Aug 29, 2006 09:01AM)
I believe Lee Freed out of New Orleans owns the rights to the magazines now. I have not heard of any plans to reprint.

They are in fact becoming harder and harder to find. Thay have some great stuff buried in them.

As stated above, every now and then they do appear on ebay. I don't believe any of the more popular book dealers have them lying around also.

Keep trying!