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Topic: Lighting advice please
Message: Posted by: aussiemagic (Aug 7, 2006 10:54PM)
I need advice on the most effective way to use lighting in a show.

I normally have the stage lit and the rest of the room dark for my opening, but then I ask that the room be lit. I am beginning to think that I should have the stage lit and the rest of the room dark for the whole show. This would probably keep better focus. I do however like to go out into the audience to select volunteers a couple of times during the show. Should I have the room lit at these times? Or use a pin spot to follow me in the audience?

I do a standup show. Some routines to music and some talking routines. I don't use an assistant.

I am not looking for advice on what types of lights to use, just on how to use lighting to make my show have the biggest impact. I would greatly appreciate some advice on this.


Message: Posted by: EvanMagic (Aug 8, 2006 01:17AM)
From past stage shows, I have learned that using JUST a pin spot on stage with everything else dark is your best option if you want to hide props on different sides of the stage. The lights in the audience should be off at this point.

As for choosing a member from the audience, ask for the house lights and have the pin follow you. It adds a nice touch.

Hope this helps!

Message: Posted by: aussiemagic (Aug 8, 2006 01:48AM)
Thanks for the advice.