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Topic: Vaudeville
Message: Posted by: Jamie D. Grant (Aug 9, 2006 12:45AM)
Hi All,

I have always loved the Vaudeville Era and would like to bring some of it back into today's consciousness via my upcoming stage show that I'm putting together. Is there anywhere where I can find some of the old gags, stunts, and ideas that were presented during that time?

An example of the things I'm looking for is the gag of cleaning your glasses but you pull the cloth through the lens because there's no lense there (I saw this on the Fingers DVD, where he said it was an old Vaudeville gag, and thought that there must be a mountain of wonderful material out there that might be forgotten...)

Thanx so much,

Jamie D. Grant
Message: Posted by: Noel M (Aug 9, 2006 01:39AM)
The PBS program in the top url is pretty good. I saw it a few months ago and liked it. The other url's are a few cites I found while looking for the PBS show. Google seemed to have lots of vaudeville pages. I'm sorry that I missed seeing vaudeville, but I'm old enough as it is.

Message: Posted by: Joe McIntyre (Aug 9, 2006 07:05AM)
If you can find a copy of clown gags. it will help you. it ws compiled by Clettus Musson about 30 years ago.
Message: Posted by: Skip Way (Aug 9, 2006 07:15AM)
I have the PBS Vaudeville DVD and it is a great research tool. The same goes for their Pioneers of Early Television DVD. Also, Amazon has the old Abbott & Costello Colgate TV series. The comedy duo used a lot of old Vaudeville comedy routines in their weekly series. The entire set is like owning a Vaudeville video encyclopedia. Nearly any old Burns & Allen or Sid Ceaser TV video will have old Vaudeville bits incorporated.

I know this is out of the way for Vancouver, but for anyone closer: Pat & Don McPherson have recreated the entire vaudeville experience in their Gatlinburg, TN, Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre. They present two new shows with a cast of five each year. Their website ( http://www.sweetfannyadams.com ) may offer some insight. I make the 12-hour trip each year just for this one experience and have never been disappointed.