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Topic: Heaven and Hell Paper Tear effect
Message: Posted by: DaiBato (Aug 13, 2006 07:15PM)
I have always loved the effect where you tear an ordinary 8-1/2" X 11" piece of paper in a certain way and you wind up with a cross and pieces of paper that, when assembled, make up the word "Hell".

Are there other tricks like this where you tear a piece of paper in a certain way and are left with a two-dimensional shape and pieces of paper that make up a matching word?

If not, someone could make a fortune with a book of such ideas.

Dai Bato
Message: Posted by: leftytheclown (Aug 26, 2006 12:18PM)
Yes, there are others, but some are marketed by magic shops. I saw one that ends with a T-Shirt and a rocket that ends up as a cross. It might be something to explore. Thanks. Happy folding.
Message: Posted by: DaiBato (Aug 26, 2006 12:26PM)
Leftytheclown, could you go into more detail?

Dai Bato
Message: Posted by: TheManWithoutFear (Sep 8, 2006 03:19PM)
Could you elaborate on the Heaven and Hell Paper tear or maybe point me in the direction of this effect? I would love to see how this works and whether or not it will work into something I am trying to put together. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Steve V (Sep 8, 2006 05:11PM)
TMWF, email me at steve.vaughn@analog.com and I'll email you back instructions etc.
Steve V
Message: Posted by: TheManWithoutFear (Sep 8, 2006 07:02PM)
Email sent. I appreciate the extra effort to help me out. Take care.
Message: Posted by: Rebecca Travis (Nov 30, 2006 03:18AM)
I think this effect (or a similar one) was in a Book by Bob Neale.

I did it well when practicing, but during the show I forgot the folding/tearing and got confused! terrible terrible!

Not my type of trick :)

Message: Posted by: Kephri (Jan 2, 2007 02:49AM)
The art of making figures out of paper by cutting
is called "Kirigami" in Japan. If you do a search
on the net you'll probably find more information
about it.

The Heaven and Hell paper tear is included in
Martin Gardner's "Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic".
There's also another not so political version
of it ending up in one more figure.
It's not included in Gardner's book, but he gives
references to another book, "Willane's Wizardry"
from 1947. But I've also found it in Supreme's
"Magigram" (May 1981) where it's explained in an
article by Alan Ward.

Re. the Origami fold with the hat transforming
into a boat ending up in a shirt when the boat is
trashed, the easiest way to find it is to get
"Self-Working Paper Magic" by Karl Fulves.
Apart from this routine it's full of other goodies
using just paper.

Another funny tranforming Origami fold is the one
with the belt and buckle transforming into a beautiful
boat. It's not the easiest fold to learn, but if you
do you have a good fold to show for others.
I have seen it included in various Origami books
over beginner level. Michael Close also use the
first part of the fold in his routine "The Imagination
Tester" (The Ultimate Workers DVD Vol 1).

All the Best

Message: Posted by: leftytheclown (Jan 9, 2007 10:54PM)
If you want to learn, PM me and I will send you instructions.
Message: Posted by: leftytheclown (Feb 26, 2007 10:19PM)
Here's a web site that has a version of the Heaven & Hell Paper trick:

Message: Posted by: Cranial Fermentator (Mar 24, 2007 01:37PM)
Speaking of paper tears involving religious symbols, I am sure I once came across (no pun intended) one for a Star of David, but can't remember where. Does anyone know where this can be found?

I believe two additinal sources for "Heaven & Hell" may be Houdini's "Paper Magic"
and Dunninger's Encyclopedia of Magic".
Message: Posted by: Neznarf (Apr 28, 2007 08:19PM)
Tom Mullica's DVD.

Magic with everyday objects?

Not sure of name, but that's where I learned it from.
Message: Posted by: airship (Apr 30, 2007 11:31AM)
The 'Heaven & Hell' trick appears in Martin Gardner's Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic as 'Passports to Heaven'. I perform this version all the time and it gets a good response even among non-Christians. I present it as the tale of two brothers, one who leads a life of dissipation and one who leads a good life.
Message: Posted by: Cranial Fermentator (Apr 30, 2007 03:48PM)
Hi Neznarf,

Is that the 'Heaven & Hell' or "Star of David" tear on Tom Mullica's DVD?
There is a mention of a "Hell Tear" on TOM Mullica'S EXPERT IMPROMPTU MAGIC MADE EASY 3, but I couldn't find a Star of David. I'm beginning to believe that I might have imagined it and a "Star of David" tear doesn't exist except in my mind. I can't to seem to find it mentioned anywhere.
Message: Posted by: Neznarf (May 3, 2007 01:37AM)
My buddy makes a Star of David with a dollar bill.

He said it's one o the hardest things to make with paper money.

Havent heard of a large star of david tear or fold.
Message: Posted by: leftytheclown (Jun 2, 2007 08:38PM)
Large Star of David is in Robert Harbin's Origami 3. It's not easy!!!
Message: Posted by: MagicMan1957 (Jul 25, 2007 10:37PM)
You can also take the HELL letters and spell LOVE with them as a kicker ending.
Message: Posted by: Cranial Fermentator (Jun 18, 2008 09:54PM)
On 2007-03-24 14:37, Cranial Fermentator wrote:
Speaking of paper tears involving religious symbols, I am sure I once came across (no pun intended) one for a Star of David, but can't remember where. Does anyone know where this can be found?

I almost was convinced that I had imagined this, but I finally found the paper tear for a Star of David today! It's on page 138 of Cub Scout Magic by Francis J. Rigney, an old book from my childhood.
Message: Posted by: Neznarf (Sep 14, 2008 01:01PM)
Cranial Fermenator;

I have that book. I bought it on Amazon about 3 years ago.

Great stuff all thorugh book.

Page 69 "Mindreading for laughs" is a good one that I so funny.
Message: Posted by: pradell (Oct 23, 2008 01:12AM)
You can turn the word "hell" into a candelabra by putting the Ls on their sides facing away from each other with the bottom of the L's pointing up, and putting the H sides on the vertical part of the L's and the small squares diagonally on top of the H sides to form candle flames, all in preparation for the grand finale, which of course is the cross on the candelabra, for a "voila!" finish.

It may be easier to follow the above by cutting up the paper and trying it out.

Also, there may be a version where you can write "hell" in German.

Message: Posted by: lwc628 (Apr 1, 2010 04:24PM)
On 2007-07-25 23:37, MagicMan1957 wrote:
You can also take the HELL letters and spell LOVE with them as a kicker ending.

This is genius... I just tried that, and it looks awesome!
Thanks for sharing this idea

Message: Posted by: Neznarf (May 4, 2015 12:55PM)
Did a Holy Communion show Saturday and they had a 1 page program of events.

So I did H & H tear from Mom and Daughter.

They loved it.