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Topic: Kozmo gets arrested...
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Dec 19, 2002 03:15PM)
Welp, here in new orleans...interesting thing happened to me...i got a ticket...no not public intoxication, nope...wrong again...no public nudity...it was...disorderly conduct..now this is a good one boys...you are going to love this one... my first day I was on royal street...working all day...at the end of the day this man...a lunitic...came running from his store screaming that I was leaving bits and pieces of rope all over the place...i told him I was sorry ..that there wasn't any garbage cans anywhere...and that I would be bringing a garbage bag tomorrow so it wouldn't happen again....monday...the next day...this fella comes out again and scream at me again to not talk to people on the sidewalk...i said to the man...what is your problem..he said I don't like you...and I'm gonna get all you mother ...s...and he ran off to the store...so I gathered my things and mossied down the road...i didn't want another confrontation...i'm really pretty mellow...so I go to jackson square...and set up..gather a little crowd...bam....5 minutes into the show the police are there...the man told the cops that I threatened to kill him...well I didn't nore would I threaten to kill anyone...if I were going to it would be danny!!!! :) so I took my ticket and went off to court this morning..pleaded not quilty and my brother lawyer will deal with it...but looking back I start to wonder why this guy was so *** *****...and heres the reason....he pays $10,000 a month rent to be on royal...and I went there and made a mess...and he didn't like it...and with good reason...$10,000 worth of reason....well I tell ya...it doesn't take long for word to travel in new orleans...all the street performers were talking to me about this guy...watch out for him they said...hes an *****!...so I started to talk to the store owners about the performers and they all say the same thing...they are very loud and the good ones spend an hour building a crowd so they only have to walk through glass or juggle one time...as I talked to the store owners I also heard this repeated....i wish they were considerate...that they would talk to us before they built a big crowd...that they would try to keep the crowds off the sidewalks...that they would keep them tight...well so my adventure continues now...3 more days in new orleans...tehn I'm gone...home to my family that I miss so much..then I will be traveling the world opnce again with no regard to right and wrong...this koz...talk to you soon
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Dec 19, 2002 03:54PM)
3 more days to get arrested again in New Orleans!

At least it isnt a totally foreign country, or you might have had to try to explain that those little peices of rope really aren't something that fell out of your "pipe"!

Keep us updated, Koz! And please try to be a little less confrontational out there!

Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Dec 19, 2002 04:20PM)
Bummer. I was asked to go home, get this, because they said, (the cops) that some of the people that saw me were scared of what I was doing and it was disturbing to them.

(duh, its not real magic, I said that I would perform the "art of illusion", that should have been a pretty big clue.)

I kept trying to think of what I did that would scare someone. I was doing some coins, bills and simple rope types of things. Linking pins, chop cup, ellis ring. None of that sounds like scary stuff to me. My third day out.....Great.

Such is life, even WITH regard for right and wrong.

Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Dec 23, 2002 10:43AM)
back...and and safe...and i made money...found soem good places to work...made friends with the store owners..it was an interesting experience and it gave me many ideas for the new cellini video...

Message: Posted by: BenSchwartz (Dec 30, 2002 02:20AM)
man... that experience sucks... i hope nothing like that ever happens to me.
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Dec 30, 2002 11:18AM)
if you work the streets its liley its going to happen...its not a big deal..i have a lawyer...he will take care of it...