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Topic: David Ginns workshops
Message: Posted by: mysticalmike (Aug 23, 2006 05:45PM)
Not sure where to put this so if this wrong place please move it. but here we go. just this e-mail.
Dear Friends! (please forward this to those on your list you think would benefit)

The event described below is
NOT only for magicians and family entertainers,
it is ALSO for
teachers, educators and others
who are in a position to teach and lead adults and kids.

David Ginn is one of the BEST in the WORLD at these types of events and I hope you'll join us. If you want to attend any of the workshops, please contact David directly at his email address shown below. I am the sponsor for the Dallas workshop so if you have any questions about this, please email me. You will still need to register with David, but I can address any questions you might have.

David is offering FREE admission for the spouse of a paid registrant AND FREE ADMISSION FOR KIDS of the paid registrant. BUT -- the free space for the kids IS LIMITED and I MUST have their names for the Dallas workshop ASAP. This is an INCREDIBLE offer by David! Tremendous information, TONS of fun for your entire family and all day for only $35! What a deal! Contact me NOW if you want to attend in Dallas. We'll announce the location for the Dallas workshop very soon.





This fall --- as a ONE TIME ONLY EVENT --- author/magician DAVID GINN will present a series of eight Christmas Magic Workshops across the eastern half of the USA. Each workshop will include four hours of lectures and a LIVE CHRISTMAS SHOW performed by one or more of David’s personal magic friends.

Saturday workshops run 9 am – 4 pm; Sunday workshops are 2 –8 pm.

Here are the eight locations, with local details and sponsors to follow:

Saturday Sept. 16 Dallas TX
Sept. 17 Houston TX
Sept. 23 Pensacola FL
Sept. 24 Loganville GA
Oct. 14 Massapequa (LI) NY
Oct. 15 Northboro (Boston) MA
Nov. 11 Flint (near Detroit) MI
Nov. 12 Chicago, IL

Admission to the workshops is only $35 advance or $45 at the door, spouses are free with paid admission, and each paid admission gets a FREE Christmas Magic Lecture Book. Up to 20 well-behaved children, accompanied by parents, may attend FREE if they are willing to help on stage in demos AND if their names are on the list of the local sponsor. Young magicians under 18 may also attend at $35 admission and bring one parent FREE.

Each workshop begins with a 75 min lecture by DAVID GINN himself, teaching and entertaining the audience at the same time. The entire emphasis will be on magic and comedy suitable for Christmas parties at schools, companies, churches and more. Magic will include Christmas trees, snowballs, blue lights from nowhere, colorful silk magic, funny magic with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Santa himself, funny Christmas hats and lots more.

The second lecture of the workshop is actually a show and explanation by friends Bert & Joanne Midyette of North Carolina or Steve Harmer, former school principal, now fulltime pro magician, from Calgary Canada. The Midyettes will appear in Dallas, Houston, Pensacola, and Georgia; Steve Harmer will be with David in New York, Boston, Detroit, and Chicago. Each will present a 35-40 minute actual Christmas party performance, then explain the thinking behind it.

David Ginn will reappear after a meal break with a second lecture of mostly do-it-yourself Christmas magic, plus ways to adapt non-Christmas tricks to holiday shows. The fourth lecture of the workshop combines David and friends to share how to work these shows, what to avoid, some words about booking them, and the ten most important things about working Christmas shows.

What can magicians and clowns learn from the Christmas Magic Workshop? Plenty — about how to entertain such an audience, what tricks and techniques to use, and what NOT to do — from fulltime professional entertainers who specialize in affecting positively FAMILY AUDIENCES. All of the performers in this workshop have seriously presented hundreds of Christmas show performances over the past 20-30 years.

Educators can learn too! Many times in David Ginn’s career educators have attended his workshops and told him, “Hey, I could use that exact idea or technique in the classroom!” It’s true. If you look beyond just the tricks and gags David presents, you’ll find a mini-course in dealing with children and directing them during your presentations. You’ll learn how to LEAD THE CROWD into doing what you want and need in order to BOTH teach them and entertain them. David has learned this by doing over 350 school shows YEARLY for the past 35 years! Watch him — it rubs off and will help you!

Never before an anyone offered a day long workshop on doing Christmas shows, and never will this one be repeated! Yes, this is a one time event, in which you’ll laugh and learn. In addition, a selection of books, DVDs, and magic comedy props will be available for sale.

For more information, contact the local sponsors OR email David Ginn himself at David@ginnmagic.com. You can register for any of the workshops NOW via email: just send your name, address, number of adults/children attending (must have children’s names, none under 6 years old please!) and credit card number. Save $10 by registering in advance over the $45 door price. Advance registrations end 48 hours before workshop.

More details to follow.

--- David Ginn

Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Sep 6, 2006 03:16PM)
Hi Mike -

BTW, I think that David Ginn will be showing one of my tricks at his Christmas Magic workshop (not sure if he will be performing it, or just showing a copy of my prop). Look for the mention of my name at the workshop, and maybe in his book. I adapted one of his school show routines, from one of his videos, into a Christmas routine.

Wish I could be there. David is awesome -- I'm a big fan!

- Donald
Message: Posted by: mysticalmike (Sep 6, 2006 05:00PM)
Ok great. I saw him with Sammy something and one other guy years ago at a lecture calle I think KIDZ Biz. I am hopefully going to his one in Worchester, Ma. If anyone want any of this info for worchester ma or the one in LI NY let me know I can give you contact info.
Message: Posted by: mysticalmike (Sep 6, 2006 05:03PM)
Ok it the Oct. 14 Massapequa (LI) NY is the one I was talking about.
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Sep 6, 2006 05:23PM)
On 2006-09-06 18:00, mysticalmike wrote:
Ok great. I saw him with Sammy something and one other guy years ago at a lecture calle I think KIDZ Biz. [/quote]

David Ginn, Steve Taylor, and Sammy Smith all did a series of workshops together. They were called the Komedy KidShow Klinic, and later they did a series of workshops with a different title, the Creative KidShow Conference. The Komedy Kidshow Klinic is also available as a tape set and a video set.

- Donald
Message: Posted by: mysticalmike (Sep 6, 2006 07:08PM)
Yeah that's it. it was along time ago. it was really good to. so I am hopeing to go there.
Message: Posted by: Michael238 (Nov 23, 2006 08:12AM)
I went to the one here in Flint. Excellent lecture!