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Topic: Bill in Pen
Message: Posted by: kvanliewpe (Aug 24, 2006 04:38PM)
Looking for advice and opinion.
I perform an effect referenced above and premised on the subject of matter...solids, liquid and gas. I joke that it didn't really matter at that stage life and describe the typical ice cube experiment that we all did in school. I've explain as a magician I've been able simulate the experiment with a borrowed dollar bill.

I start by heating the bill to soften towards melting point and demonstrate liquid properties by performing 1/2 silver dollar thru paper dollar, switch out and go into pen through dollar, the Perfect Pen.

I then heat the dollar a bit more and go into a mismade bill indicating the bill has reached total liquid state and has turned inside out. I then blow on the bill to coll it a tounch to bring it back to melting point the original state and then have the bill signed.

I heat the bill a bit more and explain that the bill will reach gas characterics after the dollar boils to a gas and transposition bill into bill tube.

It's always been a knock out routine for me with great impact.

My questions are:

I recently added in the the coin through dollar and wonder if it's too much work in one routine. I only do one stab with the pen because it's slippery and to do other moves so phase I was always very prompt and I thought a second penetration with different item could add impact. I haven't tested enough to form an opinion and count on some comments.

I'm considering after many years of using the matching bill in pen which I understand is no longer manufactured by John COrnielius. You know how you collect things over the years with the idea finally hits. It's identicle to the perfect pen and I guess I felt out of my comfort zone to give it a shot over the years. Bill tube is pretty simple and has always worked but I want more impact and curious which effect has more power.

The question is what effect would have more impact on the audience. Signed bill into the pen they recently inspected and witnessed penetrating the bill or the bill tube transposition?

I would greatly appreciate as much feedback as possible. The routine has been a favorite of mine for many years and I'm looking to take my effects to the next level.
Thanks in advance.