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Topic: Illusions!
Message: Posted by: magical_kid (Dec 20, 2002 06:20AM)
You should check out http://www.chaletmagic.com/catalog.html
You can buy illusions such as DeKolta Chair, or Dove to Glove. And has anyone created thier OWN illusions here like David Copperfield vanished liberty. It was his OWN Illusion.
Message: Posted by: mike_york (Dec 20, 2002 11:48AM)
Actual the vanishing Statue of Liberty was created by magic mastermind Jim Steinmeyer.

Most of David Copperfields illusions were created by other magicians.

Message: Posted by: JAEIII (Dec 21, 2002 08:31PM)
I've never heard David try to take full credit for Laser?

On the Contrary, in just about every interview I've ever heard of him showing an illusion he always gives credit to the inventor of it.

David is very thankful to those who have created great illusions, and never says that he invented it when someone else has.
Message: Posted by: mike_york (Dec 21, 2002 09:10PM)
When David was starting out he was pretty much the laughing stock of the local magic meeting/convention. He wanted to go above and beyond what was currently being done. And for that most magicians gave him a hard time. And basically told him he would never succeed and so on. Since then David has devoted his career to get back at those magicians.

David does create some wonderful illusions. But, who caries who created what. The general public has no clue and could care less if they did know. Magic is about presentation. And that is what Copperfield does best. He takes his audience with him threw a wide range of emotions.


Message: Posted by: Pakar Ilusi (Dec 22, 2002 10:08AM)
Are you sure we're all human? Some hardcore DB fans believe him to be an alien... :rotf:



Not to go outta my way to defend DC, BUT to his credit, he does put their names in his show's credits.... If that means anything..... :confused:
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Dec 22, 2002 01:11PM)

You being such a good friend of David's, does he know you are saying this stuff about him on this board? Because Im not sure if you are aware or not, but he does drop by the Café once in a while and reads some of the posts. In fact everyone should be aware that some of the big names in magic do drop by and read some of the posts here. I can tell you this for a fact. They just don't register and let their presence be known.

Just thought you would like to know that. But being so close to Andre and David as you are, Im sure you already knew that.

Have a great Xmas Mike,

Message: Posted by: JAEIII (Dec 22, 2002 01:28PM)
I understand what you are trying to say. But I believe you are wrong when you say, "David just takes all the credit for them."

To begin, yes, you are correct in saying that the general public doesn't care who invented them. I think this is a large point. I believe if you go through all of his interviews, you will find that most of them have NO talk about the inventors of the illusion.

For Example: Let's say in an interview they are showing a clip of David performing Head Mover. Well, no, while watching that clip David has no reason to mention that Andre Kole invented that illusion. But at the same time David didn't say that he invented it either. I don't think there is a point to even discussing who invented what, because as you said, the general public doesn't care. I think this goes along with most illusions. You mentioned the Lotto Prediction and that he hasn't mentioned in an interview that it was Wyricks illusion. Once again, why would he? What regular person cares? I don't believe David has ever taken full credit for something he didn't invent. So I find it hard to believe that if you've ever heard him discussing the laser illusion or the lotto prediction that he said, "I came up with this idea" or "I invented this." I have always noticed that he is good about giving credit to those who invented the illusions, but only when they are actually talking about that subject. Otherwise, why would David say, "Oh yeah, and by the way, this was invented by a guy named Steve." No one cares. Plus, I don't see what getting back at other magicians has to do with taking credit for his illusions. Because it is the magic community that knows who invented what. He's not fooling anyone.

You asked for interviews when he gave credit? On the top of my head...The Today Show, Larry King Live, and a whole bunch of "serious" interviews that I can't think of their names. I have three tapes full of nothing but Copperfield interviews. He's given credit to inventors many many times. Naturally he doesn't even bring up the subject on fun shows like Leno or Conan.

Plus, if you have purchased David's Illusion DVD. If you listen to the commentary part, he gives credit throughout the entire show.

I'm not trying to argue with you in a negative way, but before you come out and say, "Most of David Copperfields illusions were created by other magicians. David just takes all the credit for them," make sure that he does do this. Because you're wrong...he doesn't. Don’t start unfounded rumors that make David sound like a bad guy. He’s not. :)
Message: Posted by: mike_york (Dec 22, 2002 01:43PM)
I am not making David to be a bad guy. Go to the original post. This person was asking if any has created their OWN illusion like Dc. I was merrily trying to get the point across that David did not create that illusion. As well as some others in his show. And that at times David will take credit for them.

I guess I did not type clearly. And I came out in way that sounded like I was trashing David. I'm NOT! I hold the up most respect for Dc. He was the reason I got into the biz. And I truly owe everything to him. As allot of magicians do. After all he was one of the first Magic Superstars.

Like I said I could be wrong. It does happen time to time. And if I am someone will jump in and fix the mess I created. And which several of you have.

So to end this confusion I have deleted my original post.

Yes I did know that Andre and them drop by. That is why you don't see the knock off head remover for sale anymore.

Message: Posted by: Kendrix (Dec 22, 2002 01:57PM)
I don't know why it was removed. Head Mover is an extremely old concept that was just updated. The Mirror Box is very well know that DC places it on. Tim Kole just puts it on a "Z" table which is not even Andre KOle's idea. I think that magicians should look to the past and realize that 99% of this has already been done. Yes, it is great to update it. However, claiming proprietray rights on such things as the "use of snow in a magic show" is ridiculous.
Message: Posted by: mike_york (Dec 22, 2002 02:07PM)
The way things were worded in the post made it seem like I was trash talking (badmouthing) DC. Which was far from the point I was trying to make. So it should help end the confusion and false impression I gave others.