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Topic: S&M Sleightly Adventurous Mischief! American Edition
Message: Posted by: Lukenp (Aug 25, 2006 12:33PM)
Here is my review of S&M America.

Yet another astounding edition of S&M! This edition features the card magic of America. And what a lineup we have! It features the card magic of Scotty Johnston, Robert Moreland (TSD), Brett Bishop, Vinny Marini a.k.a The Godfather, and last but not least Tyler Erickson. In this edition of S&M you will find some of the strongest and most visually stunning effects. Each effect is taught in detail and has crystal clear illustrations so you can learn these effects with no problem. For me, the effect that stands out the most is Brett Bishop's It's Time Four Change. This is one of the most visually stunning effects that I have ever seen! This is Twisting The Aces, brought to a new level that Can't be reached! Another one is Brett's effect, Deliciousness. It is an in the hands Invisible Palm routine. This is an eye catcher! The remainder of the effects are all hard hitting and very well put together. There are no fillers here. Everything is real world appropriate. I have to warn you, some of these effects are knucklebusters. Although they are tough, in the end, your practice will pay off when you recieve awesome reactions. Now, there are some easier effects in here as well. These are JUST as good as the knucklebusters, but easier to perform. I would rank these effects as intermediate to andvanced. So, what are you waiting for? Pick this up today!

Yet another honest and unbiased review by Luke Poljak.

You can purchase the E-zine here http://www.scottyjay.co.uk/ezine.html

If you haven't already picked up the first edition of S&M, Scotland edition, then definitley pick it up as well.
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Aug 25, 2006 12:46PM)
You can also purchaes S&M vinnymarini.com
I will also send a video tutorial for Adagio for Dots and Colorzone to anyone who purchases this magazine either from Scotty's or my site.if requested
Message: Posted by: Lukenp (Aug 26, 2006 04:19PM)
Has anyone else purchased this yet? What do you think?
Message: Posted by: Lukenp (Aug 26, 2006 04:22PM)
I also recieved a tutorial and performance for each of Vinny's effects. Thanks Vinny! You're stuff is great. I love Adagio for Dots.

Message: Posted by: Daren (Aug 28, 2006 04:19AM)
Can someone please post a review of the effects in this e-book
Message: Posted by: Andrew Loh (Aug 31, 2006 08:32PM)
I have just gone through briefly in this ebook and I think there are something really nice or should say delicious card effects. I am now at school and hopefully will read after I go home. :)

I will give my reviews as soon as I go through each and every effects in this ebook.

One thing I noticed that the improvement in this book is the photographs of showing the handling now are more larger if compared to the previous S&M ebook which quite small and I think really help a lot when comes to printing it.

Can't wait of reading this ebook.

Message: Posted by: ScottyJohnston (Sep 2, 2006 04:52PM)
I look forward to your review andrew.