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Topic: Turning Heads
Message: Posted by: Clark (Sep 1, 2006 01:06PM)
To my fellow "deckless" nuts! As you know by now Steve Beam's new Semi-Auto 6 & 7 out VERY soon I want to give you the heads up on one effect in particular. The tile is "Turning Heads", it used on the four Queens from any deck.
I am not going to run through the effect for reasons that will be obvious once you get the books. what I do want to say is that I have certainly found one of my new favorite "anytime, anywhere" routines in this effect. Totally impromptu and if you happen to borrow a deck it's going to play even bigger.
The presentation is genius and I haven't been so happy with a four card packet effect since finding Hammon's "Twins." The effect gets laughs, amazement and the feeling that they are left with a true impossibility. You can't have so much fun with just four Queens...or maybe you can...;)

The effect reminds me of the kind of "strange" that you get from the mind of Paul Harris. The "workers" here are going love this one, I don't use the term "instant classic" much, but this one is definitely one IMHO.

By the way, I have been reading both volumes for HOURS straight (hard to put down) and of course there are many killer routines from various great creators and performers, but this one in particular is just a hellova stand out.