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Topic: Impromptu nightshades
Message: Posted by: Paul Wingham (Sep 3, 2006 08:05AM)

I'm familiar with the Paul Harris effect where you draw the glasses on the the bill and they move up to the forehead. (uses a small cheap to make gimmick) Is this impromptu nightshades?. If so..... and I could be wrong. But is there a a non impromptu nightshades.

Any pointers?

Message: Posted by: mrunge (Sep 3, 2006 08:21AM)
Hi Paul,

Yes...the effect you are describing is called "Improv Nightshades" and is written in Paul Harris's book "Art of Astonishment - Vol. 1." This is a fantastic effect.

The original effect, which has not been on the market for years, was called "Nightshades" and used a gimmick built into a pen. It looked good but could not be done "on the fly" or impromptu, and could not be easily handed out for inspection without a sw**ch.

If you don't already do the impromptu version, check it out. It "packs small, plays big" and really knocks the spectator out!

You'll definitely have fun with it. Mark. :)
Message: Posted by: Paul Wingham (Sep 3, 2006 08:56AM)
Thanks for that, I'd never heard of the other pen version, but agree the improv version is brilliant.
Message: Posted by: evolve629 (Sep 3, 2006 04:47PM)
I wish that there is an eManuscripts in downloadable Acrobat PDF format for the Improv Nightshades!
Message: Posted by: VcosNJ (Sep 3, 2006 04:55PM)
I love doing this. I have one made and ready to go! :)