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Topic: Easily draw the popular "Devil's Fork" Illusion. Free download.
Message: Posted by: MichaelSibbernsen (Sep 4, 2006 10:20AM)
Attached to this post is a simplified variation of the popular Devil's Fork Illusion (aka Schuster's Conundrum).

To view, cover the left half of the fork with your hand. You will see what appears to be an object composed of three round pipes. Cover the same drawing on the right half, and you will see what appears to be a U-shaped object made of only two square pipes.

You can download a .pdf document that will teach you how to easily draw this normally (somewhat) complex optical illusion here...


It's good for drawing on the back of business cards or cocktail napkins. Might also be good for teaching a unique skill to friends and clients. The document is public domain, so feel free to distribute, use on your own web-site, etc.


Message: Posted by: Mike T (Sep 4, 2006 10:33AM)
Thanks for sharing that.
Quick and easy to do, when you know how. :)

Regards, Mike
Message: Posted by: alanm99 (Sep 12, 2006 04:28PM)
Thanks for sharing that.

Sounds like fun DIY illusion.