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Topic: Seemingly impossible Cap in Bottle effect
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Kelly (Sep 8, 2006 06:08PM)
Just saw this video on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzNeA-9CdPY

From the Penguin forums, it looks like a young man has created this and is looking to get it marketed. I looks like a normal cap in bottle effect, I know. But he claims that you can give the bottle to the spectator to keep after the effect with the cap stuck inside the bottle.

This will work with a Gatorade, old Powerade, or plastic Snapple bottle, and he could have it marketed quite soon.

What do you guys think? Is it for real? I've no reason to doubt him, but I just can't understand how this effect is possible! No holes; no trick cap; there's seemingly nothing unusual about the label..... I'm stumped. There is a minor setup required. This could be a great effect.
Message: Posted by: Scott Compton (Sep 8, 2006 08:17PM)
The method seems to be obvious. I have done something similar for years. Examinable...kind of...but not totally. No holes?.....semantics.

Message: Posted by: smitty (Feb 28, 2007 11:35PM)
Certainly NOT obvious to 'this' guy. To me, it's VERY visual, and looks great. I don't know about 'angles' mind you.

I do know that 'Dougini' from the Café purchased it, and is very happy with it.

I'm giving it 'serious' consideration.

Message: Posted by: SoCalPro (Mar 1, 2007 03:07AM)
Can't find it on Penguin....help?
Message: Posted by: michaelrice (Mar 1, 2007 09:09AM)
One thing about Gatorade bottles is that the opening in them is wider than most other bottles and the cap isn't hard plastic, its flexible. I'm not really familiar with the other bottles but there probably the same.