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Topic: Back pocket practising???
Message: Posted by: joker 55 (Sep 14, 2006 03:51PM)
HOW? ? ? ? ?
Message: Posted by: jlevey (Sep 15, 2006 09:49PM)
As Nike once said, "Just Do it!"

Develop a very physical persona, very touchy-feely, friendly, and charming. They will trust you play with you and as you move them about the stage, or focus them on something happening in front, you work from the back.

Good luck!
Message: Posted by: Ragman (Sep 16, 2006 06:45PM)
Hey have you seen Ricki Dunns new book? The man was absolutly brilliant and came up with a method that could be used after you get caught. He does talk about the fact that even he got caught every once in a while, it happens perhaps looking through this book would make things a bit easier. The section I am refering you to is called "An artful dodge". Let me tell you I think this book should sell for hundreds of dollars, I would still think it is worth it in every respect.
Message: Posted by: Ragman (Sep 16, 2006 06:45PM)
Oh, and the DVD that is in the back cover of Ricki performing will either enspire or discourage you. He was good, very good.
Message: Posted by: joker 55 (Sep 22, 2006 01:16PM)
Ok, I will, I use the pinch and push method, any idea of telling how tight the wallet is in the pocket?
Also do you think this method is suitable for jeans?

What do you use?
Message: Posted by: joker 55 (Sep 28, 2006 10:10AM)
Message: Posted by: jlevey (Sep 29, 2006 12:19PM)
Dear Joker 55,

Perhaps the following might address your interests...

Ask your "mark" to lend you a $20 dollar bill (or larger denomination) to use in a trick. As he reaches for his wallet, observe the thickness, and it's position in the pocket, and the ease in which it lifts out as he proceeds to open it up to give you the bill.

At that point, you could even comment on how the wallet is an "interesting one", and politely lift it from his grasp in an effort to look it over a bit more closely.... "nice leather!" you might remark . Then, in stead of handing him the wallet back directly, you proceed to place it back into his back pocket (in the guise of "helping him out").

You might even decide to do a Pocket Pull at this point, pushing the wallet down into is pocket with a "tug", then rapidly withdrawing it in a way that is not felt by the "volunteer".... He thinks he has his wallet back safe and sound --but you really have it and can move forward from this point by proceeding to show your bill trick. Then you determine when best to do the reveal.

Or, instead of executing the above "pick", you really do return the wallet to the pocket and at the same time determine the "tightness" and feasibility lifting it for real at a later point.

Hope this is some of what you wanted to know and that you (and others) find it helpful.


PS: By the way... lifting from Jeans can work. Of course "tightness" can pose a real challenge, but if your ability to entertain in a fun, polite, interactive and touchy-feely kind of way is STRONG, you could (almost) steal an elephant from someone's back pocket... that is if the person can fit the elephant there in the first place!

Good luck!

let us know how it goes.
Message: Posted by: Diavo (Sep 29, 2006 12:46PM)
That is also a good way to set up the Ravel Hanging Steal with the wallet.
Message: Posted by: jlevey (Sep 29, 2006 03:21PM)

Very good point Diavo.

Message: Posted by: joker 55 (Sep 29, 2006 05:13PM)
Thanks, that's a great help,

One thing that I am having problems with though, is when the wallet is in the pocket I get my fingers in and push towards me with my index, the slide my middle finger in the gap that is made, but the pulling put is the only thing I really have a problem with, any suggestions?

Also, with the pinch and push method, when pinching the material it alwys seems too tight with jeans, can this be overcome or shall I just stick with trousers when it comes to this steal?
Message: Posted by: jlevey (Oct 2, 2006 11:35PM)
In pickpocketing (as an entertainer) everything and anything (literally) goes --trousers, jeans, leotards (well, maybe not leotards!), but all outerwear is fair game and "do-able".

The challenge is to gain their (your "mark's") trust, and to have a very friendly touchy-feely persona... a person that still communicates that you respect them and that whatever happens, "we're all in this (together) for the fun of it".

At least this is my particular approach, and it works for me.

Hope this is of some help to you, in some small way.

Message: Posted by: joker 55 (Oct 3, 2006 06:28PM)
Yes, I agree with the rapport thing, and getting a good first impression, as in touchy feely, but the practising on someone is the difficult part. For example, I can't practice on someone who knows it is being done on them because they know it's being done and know what to lok out for, and people that don't know it's being done can point it out if you are just learning as you will fail a few attemps.

How did you learn?
Message: Posted by: jlevey (Oct 3, 2006 07:36PM)
I practiced hard and furious during my early performance years, while perfomring outdoors on the streets of Montreal. A bit "dangerous" thinking back on it, but nothing "bad" happened because I was in costume (bowler hat and tailcoat)and had a strong persona where if I did get caught, they (the audience) knew right away that it was all part of the show. Without a strong persona, spectators watching a street performer might think that he is "really" trying to steal their valuables and call the police or defend themselves Pphysically --to the entertainer's peril.

Many books/videos on pickpocketing sggest practicing on a mannequin (with bells sewn into each pocket, or using a chair on top of a table (drape the jacket over the chair and buckle the watch over the chair's arm, etc.

I have found that both Chappy Brasil and James Freeman are tops in teaching methods of pickpocketing via their instructional DVDs. Norm Neilsen recently produced a fantastic DVD on the Pickpocketing Entertainment of Ricki Dunn.

Many threads on the Magic Café can procvide you with solid information relevant to your specific concerns, and this site can also lead you to some great links and resources on the art of picking pockets.

Hope the above is of some help and encouragement.

Best regards.

Message: Posted by: joker 55 (Oct 4, 2006 06:13PM)
Thanks for your help, I will figure put a way, because as I am only 16, performing on the streets hasn't really been my thing atm, so I will just practice on friends, etc.

One final thing, if you are attempting the steal on someone who has jeans on, some jeans have a slight "lip" on the top of the pocket, and sometimes the wallet is caught under it, any tips?
Message: Posted by: jlevey (Oct 4, 2006 09:35PM)
Diavo thoughtfully suggested the Jim Ravel Hanging steal.

This will solve the situation you describe.

Consider purchasing Jim's book for details on this and much more from one of the best in the field.

Message: Posted by: joker 55 (Oct 5, 2006 05:44AM)
Jim Ravvels theatrical pickpocketing, right?
Message: Posted by: joker 55 (Oct 5, 2006 07:46AM)
I have ordered Jim's book, so I am looking forward to getting it, thanks for all your help.
Message: Posted by: jlevey (Oct 5, 2006 11:02AM)
That's it.

Best regards.

Message: Posted by: MDantes (Oct 6, 2006 01:31AM)

Jim's Book is Excellent, you will not be disappointed. All the luck in the world to you.