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Topic: Hard-Boiled Mysteries V. Cervon File V. Ultra Cervon
Message: Posted by: Pavlo (Dec 23, 2002 06:41PM)
Hello. Frankly, I haven't tried anything from this guy yet but his reputation makes me jealous. Which of the above should I start with? Cards are my main interest but I won't avoid other close-up items. I only heard that Hard-Boiled Mysteries by Minch is a killer book. (Besides, I like everything by Minch so do you think I should "go on a blind date" with it?) Thanks up front.
Message: Posted by: Steven Steele (Dec 23, 2002 06:57PM)
I have all three volumes. I prefer Ultra Cervon as it I found more effects to my liking. I found Cervon files interesting, but nothing for me. I haven't implemented anything from Hard Boiled Mysteries, simply because I've enjoyed Ultra Cervon so much.
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Dec 24, 2002 01:17AM)
"Hard-Boiled" should be your starting point if your major interest is cards. The other two are also excellent. I own and like all three.
Message: Posted by: Chris A. (Dec 24, 2002 04:03AM)
I only own "Ultra-Cervon" and quite like it.

Sometimes the writing gets a bit pompous, but the material is first rate.
Message: Posted by: femur (Dec 24, 2002 05:11AM)
I own Ultra Cervon and Hard boiled mysteries. I prefer Ultra Cervon because the material is more 'accessible' for me. And the 'Free Turn Pass' is explained... well worth the money!
Message: Posted by: Mark Ennis (Dec 24, 2002 07:08AM)
Bruce Cervon's handling for Lin Searle's Ace Assembly (using different color back Aces) is a very good version.

I have never seen Bruce work, but 2 magicians whose opinions I respect have spoken the highest praise about him.
Message: Posted by: Steven Steele (Dec 24, 2002 07:41PM)
I have gone back an looked over Hard Boiled and have this further comment. Many of the effects aren't logical. For example, one 4 Ace routine takes the twelve indifferent cards and then deals one at a time to the first pile. Then take a group of three and place it in pile no. 2, then take one card and place it in pile three. Take three more turn them face up and deal them to pile four, then turn them face down. Take the last two cards and place them with the single in pile three. Most of the effects follow similar lines of illogic to my way of thinking. Ultra Cervon is great. Hard boiled is interesting...just nothing practical for my presentational style.