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Topic: Most embarrassing moments!
Message: Posted by: aby9plp (Dec 23, 2002 07:09PM)
I have never worked in a bar or restaurant until now, but I have been thinking of horrible things that can happen when performing for people close up on a table. What if suddenly, when performing a coin trick, you drop the coin in the bowl of soup that a guy has just ordered? What would you do when you do your first trick to a table and that the spectator drop his glass of red wine on you and that your costume is ruined for the whole night?
What are your most embarrassing moments when you worked at bar or restaurant?
Message: Posted by: Mr. Ed (Dec 23, 2002 07:23PM)
I once had a lady vomit in my coat pocket. All you can do is excuse yourself and move-on.
Message: Posted by: BenSchwartz (Dec 23, 2002 11:46PM)
I've had a little girl start uncontrollably crying when I was at the table. The entire restaurant looked over like I did it...lol
Message: Posted by: yoey2000 (Dec 24, 2002 09:49AM)
When I was a beginner, I only had tricks with double lifts. lol, so when I was doing a trick, someone caught my first double lift, I messed up badly, and I had no other tricks. :bawl:

But now I do! :bg:
Message: Posted by: Kaliix (Dec 24, 2002 11:50AM)
One night I went up to a table with two older patrons sitting at it. I said, "How are you ladies doing tonight?" The lady looked at me and said, "That's my husband!"


I now always say, "So, How are you FOLKS doing tonight?"

(In my defense, the husband had long hair and was sitting facing away from me and didn't really look like a guy. No matter though, I felt like a @$*&$^*%!)
Message: Posted by: Rich B. (Dec 24, 2002 02:33PM)
Recently I went up to a large group of people that was having a party, and after I introduced myself as the magician, a gentleman that was extremely overweight asked if I could magically make him lose 200 lbs. Now I never want to embarass any spectator, but I also never had anyone ask me that question, so I thought I'd say one of my clever lines that usually pokes a little fun at myself. I said, "Unfortunately I'm not that good," which was just terrible in this case. I ended up making him the magic hero in one of my effects to help ease the situation.

When I got home, I thought of 100 better things I could have said. The following week, believe it or not, I was aked the same thing from a very heavy woman. This time I said, "Now why would you want to do that? You look great just the way you are." The table then loved me and the women asked what I was doing after the show.

Rich B.
Message: Posted by: Mark Ennis (Dec 24, 2002 02:56PM)
"a gentleman that was extremely overweight asked if I could magically make him lose 200 lbs"

The perfect follow up would have been, "Yeah. Cut off your head."

Maybe that wasn't such a good line.

Actually, that would be a tough situation to be in because there is almost no correct answer. Or should I say, there seem to be more wrong answers than right ones.
Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Dec 24, 2002 03:50PM)
Mark Ennis, you're sick, and I respect that in you.

I recently performed a card effect while table hopping at a restaurant, and a very overweight man said, "Hey, make me float and I'll really be impressed." I laughed out loud, and then responded with the standard, "You know I'm reading a book on levitations, and I just can't put it down." I find my best ad libs are the ones I've prepared.
Message: Posted by: BenSchwartz (Dec 24, 2002 04:04PM)
Hee hee, cut off your head. Or just give him a sticker that says, "Save the whales" and say, "You might want to call this number instead." Hey, I'm just joking! Don't hang me!
Message: Posted by: Jim Davis (Dec 25, 2002 05:16PM)
Speaking of embarrassed..

While performing "How I Met My Wife" I dropped the "eyeball" on the table and it bounced into a gentleman's plate. I (flustered) didn't know what to do or say. The patron removed it from his plate, covered in steak sauce, and thrust his hand into the water pitcher. After a vigorus rinse he handed it back, and went right back to eating.

I finished the performance and was ready to split in a hurry. He handed me $20.00. So I guess it turned out ok after all, but I wouldn't recommend doing it again. ;)
Message: Posted by: Mickey Cohen (Jan 12, 2003 09:49PM)
I was working a trade show. My experience with slush powder was very limited at the time . I filled the styrofoam cup with water ( on the bottom was a spoonful of slush powder). I stuck the pencil through the cup and proceeded to let it pivot upside down above a very properly dressed businessman whom I had just amazed .He trusted me. KAPLOP the gooey glob dropped right out of the cup and started sliding down his face .I was in shock.That's when I learned the greatest thing about working tradeshows,everyone is very well behaved . Had that had happened in my regular restaurant I worked I might of had to leave town and go into a secret witness protection program. This guy just started laughing .I cleaned him up pronto leaving a little wet spot on his collar all the time thinking what a shmuck I am.
Message: Posted by: cardfreakhk (Jan 13, 2003 12:36PM)
I have seen a magician like that before, he said to the audience, " Look! Water becomes ice! " :rotf:

Michael Lam
Message: Posted by: sebastian (Jan 13, 2003 10:52PM)
When I was young and doing a show for a cub scout banquet, I produced a dish of candy. Without thinking about it first I tossed a few pieces to the cub scouts sitting in the first row. The next thing I knew I had about a hundred cub scouts diving on to the floor in a big pile trying to find some candy. I no longer toss candy into a group of kids. :pirate:
Message: Posted by: Isramagia (Jan 15, 2003 02:12PM)
I once referred to this gentleman's "daughter"- she was his wife. Boy did I feel like a complete idiot. This is a beginners mistake but at the time I wasn't a beginner.....never again!! :wow:
Message: Posted by: Bigmagictrout (Jan 15, 2003 06:52PM)
Isramagia, something similar happened to me. Two ladies were sitting, and one of them was much younger, so, in my show, I said something like: Now tell your grandmother to open her eyes. Actually, it was her mother. I was red, and I didn't know what to say. I won't make this mistake again :)
Message: Posted by: Salazar Magic (Jan 15, 2003 08:37PM)
Did you ever go up to a table where there's a kid, and you couldn't tell wether it was a boy or a girl?!
Message: Posted by: Bigmagictrout (Jan 15, 2003 10:18PM)
Salazar Magic - This happenned to me a lot with babies... Sometimes you can't tell the different between boys and girls, and it *sometimes* leads to strange situations.. Am I the only one like that?
Message: Posted by: Mark Ennis (Jan 16, 2003 09:32AM)
If that's the case you may want to say "OK Pat, please take a card".
Message: Posted by: Wesley (Jan 16, 2003 10:50AM)
I have had two really bad experiences, both with ring flight but both very different.

I work in a very busy night club and I was doing some tricks for a group of people. I took the girls ring to perform ring flight. However when I pulled the wallet from my pocket I couldn't locate the ring. It wasn't there? This really puzzled me as I knew I had clipped it on correctly and couldn't see it any where. This girl started getting really angry and I spent 10 mins on my hands and knees before I finally found it. When I picked up the ring I noticed it was a fancy one with a gap, that's how it had come off. Now I always take a closer look at the ring before performing.

The other bad experience was when I was working at the same club. I was walking through a crowded area when I suddenly came to a halt. Something was pulling me from behind. When I turned round I found that I had a girl tightly attatched to my rear. Somehow she had managed to tangle her belt buckle to my ring flight which was set up and tucked down the back of my trousers. After many attempts by passers by to free us three security officers were called who managed to free us.
Message: Posted by: Jack Bryce (Jan 17, 2003 09:26AM)
On 2003-01-13 23:52, sebastian wrote:
When I was young and doing a show for a cub scout banquet, I produced a dish of candy. Without thinking about it first I tossed a few pieces to the cub scouts sitting in the first row. The next thing I knew I had about a hundred cub scouts diving on to the floor in a big pile trying to find some candy. I no longer toss candy into a group of kids. :pirate:

I remember watching a similar situation a few years ago at our local magic club, I was the time keeper during a magic competition where the theme was kids magic, one of the competitors decided that he had a novel way of choosing an assistant from the children, he threw his magic wand into the group of kids and stated that the kid who catches it would be the assistant.

You can imagine the scramble of bodies in the rush to catch this magic wand and one young lad got caught on the bottom of the pile and was crying his eyes out. Luckily things turned out ok for this young lad in the end.

But the eventual assistant chosen however, turned out to be like the kid from hell as he proceeded to question everything the performer tried to do, by this time the performer had lost complete control and the audience of children were on the assistant's side as they chanted that its up his sleeve, its up his sleeve.

This young assistant even managed to bully the performer into removing his jacket to prove them wrong. It was a total disaster and I was extremely embarrassed for this performer and for the terrible performance that he even considered putting into a competition. :)
Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Jan 18, 2003 09:04AM)
On 2003-01-15 21:37, Salazar Magic wrote:
Did you ever go up to a table where there's a kid, and you couldn't tell wether it was a boy or a girl?!

Yup, that's happened to me, and the simple solution is to just ask the kid his/her name and then use it.
Message: Posted by: gman (Jan 18, 2003 03:35PM)
The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me was when I was doing a seminar and I went to use the flamming wallet and when I said that tonights topic is a really hot topic, I lit the wallet on fire and the two pieces of cloth did catch on fire but then proceeded to fall onto the carpet.

Talk about almost having to do a fire drill.

Message: Posted by: Jay (Jan 18, 2003 10:15PM)
I have a birthmark on my nose, near my eye, and during a one-on-one sponge ball routine with a little girl, she said, "I want this one" and grabbed my birthmark instead of the red sponge ball. I use yellow ones now. :shrug:

Jay :bg:
Message: Posted by: cardfreakhk (Jan 19, 2003 04:32AM)
Hi all friends here!
I have seen many many super funny experiences here!! :rotf:

All of them are very funny, but some are a little bit bitter to watch... :bawl:

Any more?
I am going out right now, I will share some next time soon.

Michael Lam
Message: Posted by: Jim Davis (Jan 19, 2003 12:39PM)
I once asked a couple if they were married.
The responce was yes.

So I asked "To each other?"
The answer was no! :wow:

How do respond to that? :confused:

Needless to say.. I just don't ask anymore!