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Topic: New Canadian Illusionist!
Message: Posted by: Magic Monkichi (Sep 20, 2006 08:13PM)
Hey All!

Have a look at this demo:


Who ever said we Canadians can't do magic? Sure we live in igloos, but we sure know how to entertain. Just a teaser to give a taste of this new up coming talent that's sure to explode. Hope you enjoy!

Message: Posted by: Christopher Starr (Sep 20, 2006 08:28PM)
Very stylish video work. Although, I though Canada already had Reveen the Impossiblist? :P

Oh well...
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Sep 20, 2006 08:35PM)
Does Reveen know about this guy?
Message: Posted by: Terry Holley (Sep 20, 2006 10:22PM)
On 2006-09-20 21:35, Pete Biro wrote:
Does Reveen know about this guy?


Maybe a better question is, "Does this guy know about Reveen?" Hard to imagine he doesn't with the Canadian connection. I wonder what's up?

Message: Posted by: sperris (Sep 23, 2006 10:16PM)
Hey guys, I work for Michael doing a lot of the visual graphic work for the TV special coming up as well as the site and doing some work for him as a idea man behind the scenes magic wise. The use of the "impossibilist" was at the suggestion of the marketing people for the TV stuff as a branding thing. With respect to Reveen, Michael is well aware of him as were all the rest of us working for Michael (all of us are working pros so we're doing our best not to step on any toes) and doing as much as we can to avoid using camera tricks (which isn't hard by the way). I can't speak for Michael, but I can say that he is a great guy and is doing all he can to do this the right way and legitimate too. He's not trying to replace Peter or "one-up" him in any way. Although the term "impossibilist" has been used by Peter, now I can't say I'm 100% sure, but I think it came down to the marketing people saying that even though Houdini said he was the handcuff king, there are several other people who claim to be the new handcuff king or whatever. And even though Franz used "magic that rocks" as his tag, Chezaday did too and now so does Curtis Adams. Again, not trying to get in the middle of anything but just trying to explain the thinking behind it as far as what I was told, because I too brought up the concern of peter using the impossibilist tag too.

Michael is on here once in awhile and so is Andrew Gerard -he's also in our little club of worker bees, and could maybe explain it some more...or maybe not...
Message: Posted by: Chris Stolz (Sep 24, 2006 01:32AM)
Mike is a very driven and very nice guy.

Go get em Mike.

Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Nov 8, 2006 10:26PM)
And lets not forget the "amazing" johnathan, and the "amazing" kreskin...


Message: Posted by: Shawn Farquhar (Nov 9, 2006 12:35AM)
Howdy folks...

Monkichi started this thread by saying... Somebody said Canadians can't do magic? Who said that? What were they smoking at the time?

How about ...

Dai Vernon
Ross Bertram
Leon Mandrake
Doug Henning
James Cielen
Jason Byrne
Greg Frewin
Carl Cloutier
David Acer
Jay Sankey
Richard Sanders
Murray Hatfield
Juliana Chen

just off the top of my head ...

I'm sure given more than the minute I spent I could list a heck of a lot more ...

I haven't heard of Mike before, but if he's a Canuck he's got to be good ...

Message: Posted by: Magicque (Nov 9, 2006 07:29AM)
And don't forget Gary Ouellet, Alain Choquette...
Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Nov 9, 2006 08:08AM)
Or Shawn Farquhar!

Guys -- As a friend of Mike's I can tell you two things...

1: His intentions were and still are GOLDEN, no harm was meant by use of the tag line in question...

2: Mike is a guy who deeply respects those of us who perform this craft. He is friends a tonne of guys in the upper ranks of our industry. He has a great team working with him, and he is a very genuine guy.

Any issues that arise from the use of the name will be dealt with before they even become issues. Mike doesn't want to step on any toes!

Hard working, CLASS ACT -- Mike is the new face of Canadian Magic, we couldn't have a better representative!

Message: Posted by: silverking (Nov 9, 2006 11:46AM)
I'm not sure if this chap is the "new face of Canadian magic" or not, but the tag line "The Impossiblist" is very much Reveen's, not his.

Peter is still very active in the magic scene, not only managing Lance Burton but presenting workshops for magicians in Las Vegas as well.

Reveens tag line is NOT in any way, shape, or form ripe for plundering.

Using Reveen's tag line very much appears to be "taking" a bit to liberally from a Master before he's even off the scene.

Key to this discussion is that it's lacking in taste, whatever else it might be.
Message: Posted by: Bill Smith (Nov 9, 2006 03:12PM)
I must say I have meet Michael and he seems like a very nice guy, however,
I just got off the phone with Peter Reveen and he is not happy!

Reveen has used "The Impossiblist" for over 30 years in Australia and Canada.
With Reveen being a "household name" in Canada, he can't understand why somebody
would take his tag line. He is also planning at least one more tour of Canada,
so there is is a conflict here!

Even if Michael was pressured by his marketing people to take Reveen established tag line, he should do the right thing and give Reveen the respect he deserves.

Bill Smith
Message: Posted by: Chris Stolz (Nov 9, 2006 05:31PM)
I hope Raveen contacts Mike. I'm sure that with both of these two being good guys they can work it out like gentlemen.
Message: Posted by: Shawn Farquhar (Nov 9, 2006 06:27PM)
One does not want to make Peter MAD.....

Peter is way too cool a guy with a lifetime of knowledge in magic and show business. I have to agree that when I hear "Impossiblist" I think Reveen...everything else pales in comparrison.....

Message: Posted by: Michael Berends (Nov 9, 2006 07:28PM)
Hi Everyone.

I'd like to start off by first publicly apologizing to Peter Reveen. I truly respect him and what he has done in his career.

Also everything with the Impossibilist will be taken down by the end of the night!!!

I would however like to let everyone know how this all came about.

This past year I started working with a team of magicians, marketing people, and a production team. Our goal was to produce a television pilot and a touring show here in Canada.

At the very beginning we had a large meeting and wanted to come up with some "branding" for marketing purposes, and something to name the show. After throwing many different ideas around that just didn't work, somebody came up with "The Impossibilist". The first thing I said was..."That's what Peter Reveen went by". Even though I questioned using this name. A number of people on the team reassured me that it would not be a problem. Trademark searches were done and it was not owned in Canada and it was owned by another magician (not Reveen) in the United States since 1985 but expired in 2005.

So listening to the people on my team. We decided to call the show "The Impossibilist". This was done with no malicious intent, to overshadow, or to defame Reveen in anyway.

My name is "Michael" the name was solely a title for the show.

The name best describes what the show is all about. I have had to overcome many things in my life to get to where I am now. Battling a Severe Speech Impediment, my own health problems, and the major health problems of my son (3 open heart surgeries). I decided to use magic to show people that anything is possible, and no obstacle is too big to overcome. My whole life I've had to overcome impossible situations.

It's also a chance for people to see a normal blue collar guy, married for almost 17 years, and the father of 3 chase his dreams. In hopes that it will motivate them into pursuing their own dreams and pushing their own limits to attain their goals.

So as you can see I'm trying to do this with my heart in the right place. It truly means a lot to me to try and help others. My family and I have been at the receiving end of people's efforts, and now it's my opportunity to give it back.

I have nothing but good intentions with this project. I would hope that it would create some new friends not enemies.

I put my trust in other people and should have used my better judgement. I'm a performer not a businessman, or marketing person.

There are many people on this forum who have met me and my family and know that we mean no harm to anyone.

I feel very upset about this situation and I can not apologize to Peter Reveen enough.

Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Nov 9, 2006 07:35PM)
Like I said ... A CLASS ACT...

Message: Posted by: Bill Smith (Nov 9, 2006 08:12PM)

I will let Reveen know what your plans are and thanks for doing this!

Message: Posted by: silverking (Nov 9, 2006 09:37PM)
Very classy Michael, VERY classy indeed!
Message: Posted by: sperris (Nov 10, 2006 05:03AM)

...jokey jokey, I took care of some things for you Michael and I'll need a little more money than what we talked about. It seems I'll need to actually re-upolster the trunk of my car now since a few of those garbage bags must have had tears in them when I went for a drive in the desert here in Vegas with one of the marketing guys. Sorry for the trouble, he won't bother us anymore...
Message: Posted by: Amazing Magic Co (Nov 10, 2006 06:58AM)

I have to agree with the overwhelming consensus here that you truly are a class guy. I am a marketing guy and followed you initial decision logic and your selection criteria. Despite passing the legal hurdles you've clearly demonstrated your character in respecting the billing of a colleague. In marketing we call it, "Living the brand," and from you described, you clearly are what you aspire to be. The theme of your show is outstanding and I have no doubt of its success so long as you stay committed to your standards. You are the kind of guy I really want to see succeed.

Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Nov 10, 2006 09:08AM)
Too funny Sperris...

I asked mike if he wanted me to perform a simmilar favour and he said no...

Then he winked, and tapped his nose...

not sure what that means...

Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Nov 10, 2006 06:03PM)
The new site should be up soon...


I almost like the new tag line better...

Message: Posted by: Michael Berends (Nov 11, 2006 02:05PM)
Hey Everybody,

Thanks to all of you that have sent the overwhelming amount of Pm's and emails showing your continued support.

We are moving ahead and have the first Podast back up and running. We've taken clips from the Tv pilot that we're filming and decided to make a video Podcast series with them. The new website should be up and running again shortly also.

There are still a few changes to be made I have contacted Steve about changing my Café username, which should happen soon.

Even though this has hit me pretty hard, and we have a lot of things to figure out again....I'm a hard guy to keep down. I wouldn't have been able to overcome everything else that life has put in front of me if I wasn't. I try to be a "cup is half full" type of person.

As I write this I look at the wall in my office and see a quote on my calendar:

"Without a struggle there can be no progress" - Frederick Douglas

I believe he's right.

Now that those of you reading this thread know what the premise of the show is, and my reasons for doing it. Anyone have any ideas as to what we should call it???

Message: Posted by: silverking (Nov 11, 2006 03:36PM)
It's just an opinion (no pun intended) but the new tag line is 100% better than the "old" one regardless of how it all came about.

I think your TV show title is hidden somewhere within your new tagline, and I think this new tagline is solidly yours, and yours alone.
Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Nov 11, 2006 09:18PM)

gets my vote...

Or why not just "Impossible"

or an exclamation point " ! "
Message: Posted by: Chris Stolz (Nov 11, 2006 11:34PM)
Remember too that the name needs to serve as more than just a way to describe it. It needs to be something that identifies what it is. Take the first 2 Blaine specials for example: "Street Magic" and "Magic Man". Both titles told audience exactly what they were tuning into. Later, once he became a known figure, his name was enough to draw the ratings.

How about:

"Beyond Illusion" ?
Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Nov 12, 2006 12:00AM)
Beyond reality...
Message: Posted by: balducci (Nov 19, 2006 11:17PM)
Though it's nice everything has worked out, I can't help but be surprised that Raveen hadn't previously reserved the domain name


This one isn't Raveen either, is it?

Message: Posted by: hendejm (Nov 20, 2006 12:32AM)
It seems Michael isn't the only Canadian impossiblist????

Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Nov 20, 2006 11:57AM)

If mike had to lose his title...

Well, this guys site needs to be chnaged too...
Message: Posted by: Lusion (Nov 20, 2006 02:26PM)
Good luck it seems that he has not only told me that he will not but he has invested a lot in his marketing and shirts and stuff! This is very interesting!!!!
Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Nov 20, 2006 02:49PM)

As a friend of Mike's I can say he invested a small fortune into the use of the name. Not only that but he and his team invested loads of time into this.

I applaud Mike for doing the classy thing and changing his title...

Not everyone's as ethical I guess...

Message: Posted by: rich aviles (Nov 22, 2006 06:02PM)
How about "The Impossible-est." :)

Just kidding, of course.

Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Nov 23, 2007 08:40PM)
Any news on this show???

Blair Marshall
Message: Posted by: Warlock1 (Nov 24, 2007 10:03AM)
The Canadian Mystifier Michael Lee warned Michael against using the billing "impossiblist Over a year & a half ago.......still he ignored the advice...hmm

Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Nov 24, 2007 01:00PM)
Oh I know that, if you read some of his posts you will even see that they looked into legal ownership of the name, BEFORE they proceeded to use it. It would seem that the outcry here, and from other professional magicians may have made them (Mike in particular) pull back. Had there not be an outcry, you can be sure they would have proceeded with the use of the name. Why, because they would have had a LEGAL right, but what about moral? There is always a cost to working your business in this manner, even more so when you try to do an end run!

One difficulty today is newbies tend to ignore what has gone before, and they feel it is THEIR right to make use of whatever they come across, or has gone before, why be creative. As you can see from another post, because Peter R. did not have it (impossiblist) on the net, it was felt it was no longer being used. A short call would have resolved the issue (and saved someone $$$) A call to who? Perhaps Reveen himself, he CAN be reached.

When I purchased the "ShaZzam!" show I made sure that I had the rights from both John Daniel (the creator), and Lee Edwards. I immediately put up a site to detail the transfer. There is very little on John Daniel or Lee Edwards on the web, let alone the name of the show "ShaZzam!" which has been used by myself and themselves for close to 40 continuous years. I have others (Norm Nielson, Mike Cavenay, Abb Dickson, Rick Walker) all attesting to the fact that the name is now mine. John Daniel has even detailed what he has retained for his own use. Google "ShaZzam!" and see where you end up within a couple of hits. No it is not legally registered, because to stop everyone (internationally) it would cost me big $$$$. But anyone since the purchase, has no excuse for "lifting" the name. The same with Peter's signature "Impossiblist", even more so now that this thread has been put up here.

But, back to my question, what is happening with this show??? Still in the works? Has anyone seen it??

Blair Marshall