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Topic: FUNNIEST things you read at the Magic Café
Message: Posted by: The Mac (Sep 23, 2006 05:30PM)
I just thought this would be a good topic considering how many comedians are in here. My pick :

Thread : about Copperfield's Card thru window
This thread was about card thru windows and someone asked was comparing window mation to other CTW's in terms of why they cost so much etc. One guy asked about Copperfield's CTW. Without missing a beat, <r Larry Davidson replied something to the effect of "well its costs quiet a bit especially when you factor in the cost of the train!" lol

Thread about Worst Trick of 2006
The 2 effects that were getting the votes where "hole in the head" and "Anti-grav levitation". After a while someone posted "hole in the anti-grav"

Thread about X-levitation
This thread had some killer stuff in it. I mean it had scandal , sex, bad demo clips, lies , deceit, pre-orders etc. Anyway the inventor was trying to get someone noteworthy to review X-levitation - people were suggesting Andrew Mayne, Peter Biro, Michael Paul... one guy said " Hey, Why don't ou get MikeP (inventer of Anti-grav) to review it" That slayed me.

So what did you find really funny on the Café?
Message: Posted by: jkvand (Sep 23, 2006 10:18PM)
Pretty much everything from Larry Davidson :) There was one thread a while ago about a cut and restored cat or something like that, and it was absolutely hilarious! I can't find it now, though.
Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (Sep 25, 2006 05:33PM)

Read it and weep...


I may be back...

(Look, No Rabbit)
Message: Posted by: Pasq (Sep 27, 2006 04:22PM)
Yes, Corona's quite right. The above-mentioned thread is by far the funniest thing ever posted on the Café. So that -quite frankly- is that.
Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (Sep 27, 2006 04:43PM)
Well there you have it folks, the last word on the matter....


(still no rabbitt or hat)
Message: Posted by: calamari (Sep 27, 2006 05:50PM)
Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (Sep 27, 2006 07:17PM)
Mind you....there was this one...hmmm


Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Sep 27, 2006 07:48PM)
Although a second place would surely go to the former Dr. X's deleted effects during one particular numinous week last Spring? Summer? I have to hand first place funniest to Pasq's posts on gophvent and Joyce fltr wvrng and condsng lk sp
Message: Posted by: tropicalpenguin (Oct 26, 2006 12:45AM)
I don't know, this thread where we all started speaking in the third person

Message: Posted by: freefallillusion1 (Nov 5, 2006 09:41PM)
Here's my vote:


Message: Posted by: Professor Piper (Nov 6, 2006 12:46AM)

Freefall, THANK YOU for submitting this...

I'm now off to change my clothing (from the waste down) because I have ****ed myself...

Dam but that was priceless!

Prof. Piper
(Terry, who needs new underwear)
Message: Posted by: abc (Nov 13, 2006 10:24AM)
This is the most I have laughed in days maybe even weeks. I am still drying the tears of my cheeks and I have already changed my undies.
Message: Posted by: The Village Idiots (Nov 16, 2006 03:27PM)
Thank you Freefall. The gophervent had me smiling wickedly but that one put me in tears.

When I was 17 years old I stuck a 9 volt battery to the braces on my teeth. It was a dare. I didn't think it would do anything but my friend assured me it would knock me out. After I woke up I gave him the five bucks I owed him. So you see how I could relate.
Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Nov 16, 2006 08:14PM)
On 2006-09-27 20:17, Corona Smith wrote:
Mind you....there was this one...hmmm



The garters are killing Rob!
Message: Posted by: kimmo (Feb 5, 2007 06:48AM)
I'd have to nominate this thread on kid's magic:

Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Feb 5, 2007 11:04PM)
The third person discussion was very funny. In fact, it should become required here.
Message: Posted by: God-glorified (Feb 6, 2007 12:51PM)
Roger also enjoys the third person.
Sorry. I know I'm not in on the inside joke, but it just looked like so much fun!!
Message: Posted by: Starrpower (Feb 7, 2007 03:07PM)
Of course, you meant to say, "Sorry, Roger knows he's not in on the inside joke but it jusy looked like so much fun!!"
Message: Posted by: God-glorified (Feb 7, 2007 06:31PM)
Thank you starrpower, guess I never really had it in me. No, that's not third person again. So I am just going to drown my sorrows in a first person shower. I, me, myself, meself (poetic), mine, I'd, I'll, and If (no that's not an I thing but three would have just fit.)