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Topic: Who makes the silver coin gaffs...
Message: Posted by: rutabaga (Sep 24, 2006 08:05PM)
... at the Magic Warehouse?


Are these any good? Anyone have them?
Message: Posted by: absynth (Sep 24, 2006 08:23PM)
I believe most are Johnson Products. I just got a Walking Liberty Flipper that was a Johnson and I am extremely happy with the quality and cost. The Walking Liberty Hopping Half set is also a Johnson Product (I inquired about this one recently myself). Just shoot them an email and ask about the particular one(s) you are interested in. They are fast to respond and quick to ship.
Message: Posted by: sickmagic (Sep 25, 2006 03:49PM)
I just sent a email last night regarding the silver walking libert shells and the are johnsons and I am going to place a order tonight fast response in fact less then 24 hours.
Message: Posted by: jimmyj (Sep 25, 2006 05:17PM)
Hello Rutabaga,
Good question. I don't own any of these but it is somewhat interesting. I'm curious as to item J02968. A Silver, Walking Liberty, Johnson Flipper Coin, for $35.00 US??? Geez, that's cheaper than some of the clad Kennedy halves. Can't be. Anyone else own one of these? Yea, I know, you get what you paid for. See Schoolcraft or Lassen.

Message: Posted by: sickmagic (Sep 25, 2006 08:46PM)
I own the standard johnson flipper and it is very good, of course as you stated it isn't anything like Lassen or Schoolcrafts but for everyday abuse they work well.
Message: Posted by: absynth (Sep 26, 2006 07:08AM)
I can confirm their Walking Liberty flipper is a great value! Just got mine last week and the gaff is well made; looks good with a smooth tight cut.
Message: Posted by: jimmyj (Sep 26, 2006 08:03AM)
Hello all,
Rutabaga-Thanks for looking into this. Interesting. And guys, thanks for your comments and opinions. Some of these items will be added to my next purchases.
Message: Posted by: luismagic (Sep 26, 2006 09:16PM)
I just heard that Johnson will stop making gimmicks in silver. So get them while you can.

Message: Posted by: sickmagic (Sep 26, 2006 11:29PM)
I just ordered for every day use a couple of silver walking lib half shells. There service was amazing shipped next day and responded to emails quickly. Won't replace my lassen stuff but to keep in my pockets at all times seems logical.