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Topic: About time To Introduce myself
Message: Posted by: aggieman (Sep 28, 2006 10:06PM)
I have been putting this off too long.

I am an 19 year old escape artist and close-up magician.
I have been into magic for roughly 13 years, and escapes for about 2.
Steve Santini got me into escapes, I was at a magic forum, and some one posted about his upcomming stunt the Cremation Chamber. I had always like escapes since I had always loved houdini. So I check out his site and past escape videos. I was amazed (sp). I contacted him, and from there we became friends. He took me under his wing. Teaching more than jsut escapes, but performance, morals, life stuff, and just a good friend. He has given me a lot, physically and educationally.
Since then I have come a nice way. I now perform escapes for private parties and for charities alike. I have even created many of my own, a lot of them still on paper though saldy. SOme of the ones I have built, use techniques taught to me by Steve.
I love the challege of escapes, not just physically, but mentally, and personally as well.

I call my self the "ALL AMERICAN ESCAPE ARTIST" I dress in army form, my show is very causal, and very patriotic. I have one comming up, where most of the proceeds will go to soilders across seas in combat.

I have also learned from escapes artist like; Harry Knight, Dr. Stephen Midnight, "Ghost", and others that don't come to mind at the moment.

I live in Texas. I am in College at TAMUG, getting my major in Maritime System Engineering.
I love motorcycles, vokda, animals, weapons (mostly knives), computers, and lots of music. I also like physics, chem, and art, and theater.

If you have any questions about me, or what ever, I will do my best to answer.