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Topic: An old promo video that I put on youtube...
Message: Posted by: Zac Vee (Oct 1, 2006 04:06PM)
Hi all,

This is an old clip was takem from a documentary about me, I uploaded to youtube to have it in myspace, it also on my website..check it out


Message: Posted by: Cheety (Oct 4, 2006 03:14PM)
Well the ppl enjoyed it, wat more can I say
Message: Posted by: Piz (Oct 4, 2006 07:16PM)
Very nice my friend. I look forward to seeing more of you. Take care!!....'PIZ'
Message: Posted by: John Heggie (Oct 4, 2006 08:22PM)
Zac Vee,
Great job.
I especially liked the instant rapport you had with the spectators. Everyone you preformed for were very comfortable around you.

You seem to have the gift of charm.

Keep the videos coming.

Message: Posted by: Zac Vee (Oct 6, 2006 03:08AM)
Thank you guys, I am glad you liked it.

Message: Posted by: Pal Bodnar (Oct 7, 2006 02:39PM)
Hello Zac,

nice film! I like it! You have a nice personality!


Message: Posted by: Montethrower (Oct 7, 2006 07:36PM)
Very good! ITs the reactions that matter, and it does seem to me that you've gotten a lot of local recognition. Good for you, Keep preforming.

A & D
Message: Posted by: Zac Vee (Oct 9, 2006 06:12PM)
Thank you guys.Appreciated