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Topic: Floating Ring Miracle [DVD]
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Oct 4, 2006 04:05AM)
New from JBTV. Anyone know anything about this?


Mike has created the FINAL WORD in FLOATING RINGS.

For over 12 years through 1000's of performances, Mike has perfected one of the most ashtonishing pieces of magic ever created.

A borrowed finger ring is placed onto your little finger. It animates, suspends and floats under impossible circumstances. Finally the ring actually floats back onto your outstretched little finger where it began.

You will both see and learn from Mike on this step by step instructional dvd every little detail of his incredible routine.

Also includes a bonus effect that is beyond belief, Mikes floating and rising card. Any signed card floats out of the deck and up into your fingertips.

Comes complete with intructional dvd and a specially constructed GENUINE sorcery shop BOSS reel.

Start clean --- End clean! Perform anytime in your act! Perfect for strolling magic!

DVD includes

Introduction, Performance, The reel, Set up, Explanation 1, Explanation 2, plus bonus routine the Rising and Floating Card.

One of the Best Kept Secrets in all of Magic...
Message: Posted by: PAN (Oct 9, 2006 02:51PM)
I hope there will be a demo. I can't see spending that much unless it is much better than other versions on the market - I love Migal Yiseka's version with loops.
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Oct 9, 2006 03:11PM)
I would also love a Demo, but what intrigues me is that its done with a "Boss" That actually makes me wonder.
Message: Posted by: Josh Zandman (Oct 9, 2006 03:25PM)
Hocus Pocus has this for sale as well. Demo would be awesome
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Oct 9, 2006 05:24PM)
I ordered last week shortly after posting the topic, so will review when it arrives
Message: Posted by: Chad Sanborn (Oct 9, 2006 05:33PM)
Post a link to the item?

Message: Posted by: Josh Zandman (Oct 9, 2006 06:43PM)
I would post a link to the item page on Hocus Pocus, but it will only bring you to their main page. It is however, right there on there home page http://hocus-pocus.com/magicshop/ then click hot new items.
Message: Posted by: Michael Dustman (Oct 9, 2006 07:00PM)
Here is the link to the page on Hocus.

Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Oct 9, 2006 07:50PM)
So a hundred bones, Hmm intresting. I bought Spooked so I don't know.
Message: Posted by: Ustaad (Oct 10, 2006 07:09PM)
You can see a Floating Ring Miracle - Demo Video [url=http://www.makmagic.com/product.asp?prodid=P7694][b]Here[/b][/url].

I will wait for a review.

Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Oct 11, 2006 07:23AM)
Looks really good. If it is good for close-up I might have to pick this up in the future.
Message: Posted by: PAN (Oct 11, 2006 08:11AM)
I wonder how close you can be without giving it away? With a loop, they can almost be on top of you. It's definately a more impressive presentation than is possible with a loop.
Message: Posted by: Josh Zandman (Oct 11, 2006 11:14AM)
It doesn't look that good to me. Maybe it's just that demo, but the ring dangles too much on the IT.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Oct 11, 2006 11:33AM)
I have it now, got it several days ago. At first, I dismissed it. Now I like it and will use it. I have NEVER performed work with thread as I'm one of those people scared of the thread breaking and making you look like a fool, however, this I will perform. It is weird as with a borrowed ring falling to the floor, I would be screwed, but again, the trick passed the girlfriend test, so it stays.
Message: Posted by: afuoco (Oct 11, 2006 01:37PM)
What am I missing here? What are you getting for $99 than you can't get with a $50 (or less) boss or ITR reel and the instructions that come with it?

Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Oct 11, 2006 01:42PM)
Christopher Williams it sounds like you like the effect but I didn't get the sence that you [b]LOVED[/b] it... I could be wrong but just the vibe I got from the post.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Oct 11, 2006 02:17PM)
Paisa you are right. It is not the best effect in the world, and it wasn't designed to be. I admit when I spent over 50 getting this I was hoping for a little more than what I got. But you get a mini IT reel which takes up about half the price, and the rest is learning the secret. The routine only lasts for about 30 seconds, so very short which I didn't like, but I appreciate it and now I enjoy practicing this. I won't perform this at a gig yet, and won't for several months until I am confident I can do it blindfolded, though the routine is not hard, and I learned the routine after one watch. Mike gives 2 explanations. 1 with a thick thread, and 1 with IT which makes it better and easier to understand. If you get the DVD you will see what I mean when I say I wish I wore glasses, but it doesn't matter, sunglasses work just as well.
As I said, it is something you will learn, and sell, which is what I am doing. It is for sale now in the tricks and effects for sale section
Message: Posted by: doug brewer (Oct 17, 2006 12:18PM)
I can't vouch for this routine, but I can for a classic floating finger ring routine by Terry Lunceford. This routine is a two-time PCAM award winner and is time-tested from a long-time professional. Terry's won numerous awards himself. Check it out at http://www.ontheedgeofreality.com. It's only $25 too . . .
Message: Posted by: smitty (Oct 17, 2006 10:23PM)
Too bad Terry didn't have a demo of this up. 25.00 is much more reasonable, especially in our Canuck coin.

Message: Posted by: John Bowlin (Oct 19, 2006 10:48AM)
The ontheedgeofreality link isn't working...??
Message: Posted by: smitty (Oct 19, 2006 01:13PM)
Just watched the Floating Ring Miracle. That isn't a demo; just a trailer. You really can't see much. If they want to sell this, they should provide a DEMO and a trailer. I'll spend my 25.00 on Terry's award winning routine, before I'll spend over a hundred bucks on this one.

Just my two cents on this...

Message: Posted by: doug brewer (Oct 20, 2006 03:24PM)
The link is working for me. Give it another try . . .
Message: Posted by: smitty (Oct 22, 2006 11:46PM)
Has anyone seen Terry's Floating Ring? I like his price much better than Mike's price. I don't smoke, so decided against ordering Fearsons Floating Cigarette, even though it seems to have gotten pretty good reviews.

I'm more interested in the Floating Ring, as I am thinking perhaps it can be borrowed. I'm brand new to this, so just looking for good advice. I will be ordering Vol. 1 & 3 of Ammar's series on the topic soon.

Message: Posted by: doug brewer (Oct 23, 2006 09:25AM)
I have seen this but nearly 10 years ago. The anchor is portable, logical and set on the table before the effect. It lasts just a few moments (which makes sense) and is very magical. I think it's a great value. The method is what you think it is, but the "getting in, getting out" is what you're paying for.
Message: Posted by: smitty (Oct 23, 2006 11:52AM)
Thanks Doug, I appreciate that info. I think before I order this from Terry, I will perhaps get Mike Ammar's DVD series; study what he has to say and share, and then decide. I wish Terry had a little demo up on his site. The teaser trailer for Mike's just doesn't sell me. Perhaps an actual demo might, but, 100 U.S. is a lot of coin to drop, just to learn to float a ring, IMHO, only.

Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Oct 23, 2006 05:31PM)
A prolonged float such as this is [b]NOT[/b] the way to effectively float an object in my opinion because some laymen will conclude that the method involves thread or magnets. I use Mesika's method in a 3-part routine that I created and the ring floats for no more than a couple of seconds. Less is more in my opinion.
Message: Posted by: echomagic (Oct 25, 2006 09:48AM)
Terry Lunceford's floating finger ring routine has been mentioned. I did not know that this could be purchased as a stand-alone item. I have the routine on a VHS tape by Terry.

The tape was produced by Working Wonders in 1993. It is called "Terry Lunceford's Ring Video". Not only do you receive his great finger ring routine at the end as a bonus, but you receive his Chinese Linking Ring routine also.

His floating finger ring routine can be used easily while doing Restaurant work. It floats the ring horizontally and is basically self contained. Easy on, easy off.
Message: Posted by: Doc Magic (Nov 6, 2006 07:13PM)
I strongly agree with Larry. Mesika's Loops provide an inexpensive and very convincing manner as to float a ring. His ring floating effect can be found in his book on Loops (the name escape me).
Message: Posted by: smitty (Nov 10, 2006 02:07PM)
Animated Miracles! Just received it a couple weeks ago. Very nice little 19 page manual. Some pretty cool ideas inside. If you have 'limited' knowledge of Loops, as I do, it's a great place to start. Definitely recommended.

Message: Posted by: Zack (Nov 11, 2006 05:50PM)

This is just a standard floating ring. People have been doing this since the reels hit the market. What makes it special? $100? Yeesh. Also, that demo video is dreadful...you can't really see the effect.
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Nov 11, 2006 06:13PM)
Terry Lunceford's floating finger ring routine

Where can it be found? Either Book or DVD? No VHS.
Message: Posted by: smitty (Nov 13, 2006 11:42PM)
I've been told Zack it's just a Teaser Trailer. I also found it of no use. You can't see anything. You can barely see the ring throughout the trailer. But, No 'demo' is planned, from what I'm told. I don't know how they can expect anyone to drop 100 bucks. But, I'm sure many will. Apparently, a 'portion' of the 100, is for the ITR you receive.

Message: Posted by: nikyas (Nov 15, 2006 11:57AM)
Hey Christopher, I was wondering if you could post a demo video of you performing this trick?
Message: Posted by: smitty (Nov 17, 2006 07:31PM)
Great idea....what do you think Christopher; is that possible, since no demo is coming from the creator?

Message: Posted by: Brian Turntime (Dec 1, 2006 04:11PM)
I like the description of Terry Lunceford's effect found in Brown's Absolute Magic.
Message: Posted by: smitty (Jan 27, 2007 01:05AM)
Just found a demo of this on Elmwood Magid site, but it turned out to be just the same POOR quality teaser trailer. Very difficult to even see the ring through this. You'd think for the money Mike is asking for this short routine, he would want a GOOD demo to watch online. I really believe the only 'value' you are really getting is the ITR that apparently comes with this.

Just my thoughts.