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Topic: The Thought Transmitter
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Dec 26, 2002 03:24PM)
I never seen anyone mention The Thought Transmitter at all anywhere in The Magic Café. That is a superb trick. And it is easy to do. Magicians fall in love with it all the time. Do any of you know what it is?
Message: Posted by: zauber (Dec 26, 2002 03:51PM)
Huh? Either you haven't used the "SEARCH" engine or don't know how to. Now is a great time to learn. Type "Thought Transmitter (without quotation marks) and select "search all terms." Tons of hits.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Dec 26, 2002 04:32PM)

I'm wrong, you're right. Thank you for letting me know. But I'm surprise it got some negative remarks.


Dynamike :nod:
Message: Posted by: Andrew E. Miller (Dec 26, 2002 06:01PM)
Hey Dynamike, I own the Thought Transmitter! It is a wallet in which a spectator writes something down with their pen on a little notepad in this wallet. Then they close the wallet and rubberband it several times over to keep it shut. You can be out of the room while they do this the entire time and you still know exactly what they wrote inside the wallet. All I have to say is...I use it in conjunction with "Deep Astonishment" and it really kills!!! It does not get any stronger of magic than that!! It is, in my opinion, the best quality wallet of its kind and also (I THINK) the most inexpensive wallet as well. It has never let me down. It works like a dream and I would not give it up for the world!
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Dec 26, 2002 06:17PM)

I already have it. I love it a lot. I was just bringing it up so others will know about it. Thanks any way.
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Dec 27, 2002 08:21AM)
Around Magic Café, The Sight Unseen Case from Mark Strivings seems to be more popular. I sold my Thought Transmitter and may get a SUC or the new Busch peek case. I found that if sunlight is present, Thought Transmitter doesn't work very well.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Dec 28, 2002 01:15AM)
I know what you are speaking of, Alan. That is why I never perform mine outside when it's bright.
Message: Posted by: Andrew E. Miller (Dec 28, 2002 07:46PM)
I have found a good way around that!! So I can use the best wallet all the time! Yippee!!!