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Topic: Harness Ring Sources
Message: Posted by: scottlurowist (Dec 26, 2002 07:02PM)

I have searched the web exhaustively, looked at Home Depot and places like that, but I CANNOT find a simple harness ring or the like.

Does anybody know of a place that sells various kinds of rings suitable for ring and rope routines ?

Thanks in advance,
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Dec 26, 2002 09:09PM)
High Scott,

Try a craft store in your neighborhood. I bought several rings ranging from 1 inch in diameter to 3 inches in diameter (chrome plated).

If you can't find them, PM me and I will get the rings for you.
Message: Posted by: Paul Menzel (Dec 26, 2002 10:43PM)
Check at the craft section at Walmart. I found craft rings there in various sizes--gold. I paid 38 cents for a 5 inch ring that looks like it came from a linking ring set.
Message: Posted by: Conus (Dec 27, 2002 06:06AM)
Try a good hardware store. Ask for a "welded ring."

-- Conus
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Dec 27, 2002 06:14AM)
If you want the best rings, go to a "Tack and Togs" (cowboy supply) or a saddlery shop and ask for a harness ring. Or just PM me. I sell a routine that includes the ring and rope, but I'd be happy to sell you just the ring for a couple bucks.
Message: Posted by: scottlurowist (Dec 27, 2002 01:45PM)
Thanks for all the replies and advice !!!

I got a phone call from my mother today, and she said my dad was able to locate a ring for me. So I shall be hooking up with my dad soon and getting the ring.

Thanks again,