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Topic: Original Sanada fan?
Message: Posted by: Jonas (Oct 9, 2006 01:28PM)
I am looking for a source for the original Sanada fan, I've actually only seen one person so far perform it, Alex Yan. It has been miscredited many times, people think the Three-sixty fan by Naoki Ogi is the Sanada fan, but Sanada fan is a different method.

I found out Three-sixty fan is published in The new magic of Japan, but I have yet to find any source for the original Sanada fan by Toyozane Sanada, if it is published anywhere at all.

Message: Posted by: Memory-Jah (Oct 29, 2006 03:27PM)
Jonas, as far as I know the sanada fan is not published anywhere. I am looking for this one for years too, but couldn't find any help on it either.
what is this three-sixty fan you are talking about? any video for it?
in eccentrix there is a full circle fan described but this isn't a sanada fan either, there the fan is done horizontally, and the sanada is done vertically if I am not wrong. still it is crazy hard to do. I still didn't get it down. but I personally like the sanada fan much more. looks just cooler.
what about this new magic of japan? is it published in english or just japanese?
oh and do you have a video where alex yan performs this fan?

greetings from germany,

Message: Posted by: Jonas (Nov 3, 2006 07:41PM)
Back from France, so I can type this up now.

Naoki Ogi's Three-sixty fan is published in the book "The new magic of Japan".
Toyozane Sanada's fan IS the one in Eccentricks, Sanada fan IS done horizontally.

New magic of Japan was translated by Richard Kaufman I believe, I know it's out of print nowadays though. I tried contacting Alex about the video if his, I might have gotten him mixed up with another guy, I haven't yet gotten a response. The person in question posted the video up here a maybe 1-2 years ago though, but the link is dead.

I personally prefer Three-sixty fan, I think it's much easier to get a even spread, and I like the vertical display more.
Message: Posted by: zombieboy (Jan 31, 2008 06:49PM)
Sorry to revive a dead topic, but the fan is published here:

Message: Posted by: PepeRuizSJ (Aug 8, 2008 02:02PM)
Is the circle fan the same as the 360 fan? The circle fan in that website doesn't look all that even, but it is not too bad either. Is this fan accomplished with one hand?
Message: Posted by: webghost (Aug 8, 2008 05:13PM)
The fan is done with one hand.
Message: Posted by: shak (Aug 13, 2008 01:48PM)
Has anyone purchased this ebook and how long did it take you to learn it?
Message: Posted by: trashmanf (Aug 13, 2008 03:07PM)
I purchased the ebook but have not learned it, it's a very small pamphlet, it seems that the difficulty isn't so much the technique but just developing the strength and flexibility in your finger (a specific one needs to be stretched out, a process that can take a while)

I was unable to do a nice one jsut from the description so I've had to wait until my hands build up the ability to tackle it.