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Topic: Oops....
Message: Posted by: TheRock (Oct 17, 2006 02:33PM)
Hi all, I just wanted to relate a little something...
I went out to WalMart one day to get something for my fiance, and a person that I just happened to know was there with a couple of his friends (1 guy and 2 girls, 3 people all together)standing at the coke machine out front, getting a coke. He knows I do a little magic and he asked me to do something for him and his friends. With a little quick thinking, I asked one of the girls if they had a coin and any dark colored marker in their purses, as luck would have it, they did. I asked one of them to sign the quarter on both sides with there initials. I took the signed quarter in my hand and made it disappear, I then made it reappear in one of there pockets, they were amazed at that. I then asked if I could borrow one of their unopened cans of coke. I took the can of coke, slammed the quarter into the bottom of the can, making it disappear inside of the can. Showing the can did not have a mark or hole anywhere on it and that it was completely sealed on both ends and allowing them to hear the coin inside the coke can, I proceeded to open the can slowly and pour it out unitl it was empty, except for the signed coin that was clearly visible inside of the can. When the coin was poured out of the can, and the girl inspected it and seen it was indeeed her coin with her signature, she and the other two completely freaked out.

I did a few other things while we were there, and needless to say, before it was all over with, my little 3 person audience had grown to over 20 people. All in all I had fun that day, but I completely forgot what I was going to WalMart for at the time (stuff my fiance needed). Needeless to say I left Walmart empty handed, and when I got home, my fiance was ready to make me disappear! Ooops.
Message: Posted by: gaafman (Oct 17, 2006 02:48PM)
Hehe, nice story! I think you need some roses to appear for your fiance sometime.
Message: Posted by: SoCalPro (Oct 17, 2006 02:50PM)
Congrats on your success at WalMart. :) What was the purpose of your post? Was it to tell us what a great time you had at WalMart? Or.......

Message: Posted by: ToasterofDoom (Oct 17, 2006 07:12PM)
Woo! Shameless plug for sinful!
Message: Posted by: TheRock (Oct 17, 2006 07:36PM)
SoCalPro, the purpose of my post was just to relate to everyone my experience of what happened to me at Walmart and how much fun I had because of my love of magic.

ToasterofDoom, NOPE! Sorry your wrong there!
Message: Posted by: SoCalPro (Oct 17, 2006 07:59PM)
If that trick is the same effect as "sinful", I must see this trick! LOL

Message: Posted by: Guardian452 (Oct 17, 2006 10:37PM)
I liked the story, it wasnt until the end that I suspected what the "oops" was going to be.
Message: Posted by: Brandon Delgado (Oct 18, 2006 12:19PM)

If you must... :)

...here's Sinful:


Message: Posted by: SeoMagi (Oct 18, 2006 04:52PM)
There's nothing like adapting your magic to the situations around you. Great story, my favorite kind.
Message: Posted by: ToasterofDoom (Oct 18, 2006 07:01PM)
Not... Sinful? What's the difference!
Message: Posted by: mrunge (Oct 18, 2006 11:40PM)
That's a great story, TheRock! Keep up the good work.

To me, that's what magic is all about...having fun while making others smile.

Mark. :thumbsup:
Message: Posted by: Guardian452 (Oct 20, 2006 07:41PM)
I loved your story man, great story. I messed up once and it turned out good though, and I payed for the vase, but anyway, I loved your story man.
Message: Posted by: bradymc (Jan 15, 2007 12:06PM)
I usually forget why I went to Wal-Mart when I walk through the front doors as well. So then I go to Target. :)
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jan 15, 2007 08:12PM)
Yep! That's SINFUL by Wayne Houchin!

WONDERFUL impromptu coin in soda can!!

This one does take practice. I need about six months of steady practice to make this work for me... I've got about four and a half to go! LOL!

"ABYSS" is a Cap/Coin In Bottle routine that's another one of my favorites ("V.I.P." and "Soft Spot" are similar)...and yes, one CAN appear to take a bottle of Coke/Pepsi from the machine, empty it out and do this...it's not really "impromptu", though.

"Prohibition" IS impromptu, if you wear a wedding band (owners of this know what I mean ;) )

Message: Posted by: Maleficia (Jan 15, 2007 10:54PM)
Ha! Awesome story. Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

Now, on to business: what exactly were you supposed to be picking up for your fiance? We demand details!
Message: Posted by: Kipp Sherry (Jan 17, 2007 10:39PM)

I think what you did was great. I had a similar experience with a friend of mine who I have coffee with every Saturday morning. One morning he bought a soda out of a vending machine, I asked him to give me quarter so I could buy one for myself. Instead of putting the quarter into the machine, I put it into his can. The guy was floored! He knew the can just came out of the machine and he knew the coin was his.

Impromptu magic, when pulled off at the appropriate impromptu time is a killer. And yes, it was Sinful.

Until we appear again,
Kipp Sherry
Message: Posted by: rpierce (Feb 3, 2007 09:48PM)
I just bought CA's DVD of Sinful and after a day I feel ready, does anyone think this is a bad idea? Do any of the pro's out there have a rule of thumb on amount of practice?
Message: Posted by: montemagic (Feb 3, 2007 10:13PM)
Great job Rock. Thinking on your toes will pay off in life more than you can imagine. One day a random act like that will happen in front of the right person, and you'll land a high paying job.