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Topic: Expanded Shell Routine
Message: Posted by: james08 (Oct 17, 2006 04:09PM)
What routine your doin with your expanded shell? where I can find good routine for expanded shell?
Message: Posted by: emyers99 (Oct 17, 2006 04:14PM)
If you're new to coin work, L&L just released a dvd on the expanded shell. Hocus Pocus carries it for like $20.
Message: Posted by: TrickeryMagic (Oct 17, 2006 06:38PM)
Bye George has been met with quite a bit of possitive response. I've had a lot of fun with it! Multi-shells required.

Paul Gertner also has a great routine with a shell called A Familiar Ring.
An in-the-hands coins across with a borrowed ring and surprise ending!

And of course, Dean Dill's Extreme Dean can give you quite a few routines and effects with an Expanded Shell coin.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Oct 17, 2006 07:03PM)
On 2006-10-17 17:09, james08 wrote:
What routine your doin with your expanded shell? where I can find good routine for expanded shell?

Good timing guy, check out HomerLiwag's offering
Message: Posted by: phase27 (Oct 17, 2006 07:40PM)
I have the L&L video on expanded shells and love it. Its def. a really good place to look if your looking for some routines on the expanded shell. Also check out Daniel Garcias routine called "Personal Safe". Its based off Paul Gertners routine mentioned above. PM me if you have any questions on both of these dvds.

Message: Posted by: Mediocre the Great (Oct 17, 2006 07:45PM)
My standard effects I perform with a shell are:

1. Dean Dills Tonight Show Matrix. (From Extreme Dean DVD & Intimate Miracles book)
2. Dean Dill's Issolation. (Extreme Dean)
3. David Roths' coins across. (from his lecture notes, but also his book and DVD)

These routines are real workers and have served me well.
Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Oct 17, 2006 07:53PM)
Hi James,
Just about any of my books have some cool shell routines (stop me when you see one you like :) !) Also Bobo's coin book has some shell routines!
Message: Posted by: james08 (Oct 18, 2006 06:25AM)
Thanks for the advices guys.... be checking out your recomendation...

hello david, I just check your site and it seems you have a really good coin routines. just want to learn new routine with the shell.
Message: Posted by: MintonMagic (Oct 18, 2006 06:34AM)
Michael Ammar's Shadow Coins uses a shell and is very good. I perform it all the time.
Message: Posted by: james08 (Oct 18, 2006 07:27AM)
I also performing it and gets a great reaction, I also do coin across by david roth...
Message: Posted by: Spydur (Oct 18, 2006 12:01PM)
I would like to point you in the direction of The Talented Nathan Kranzo...his DVDs have beautiful work.


Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Oct 18, 2006 12:37PM)
Hi James,
Thanks Man! You mite Try My Open travelers! It just Kills Layman! I bern Doing It for 30 years!
Message: Posted by: Joey Stalin (Oct 18, 2006 03:12PM)
I love a routine Gregory Wilson has in his "In Action" DVD volume 1. It is called Fistful of Dollars.
Message: Posted by: BryanDreyfus (Oct 18, 2006 06:17PM)
I do a spiffy chink a chink where I end "clean" by replacing the shell at the end.

As far as I know it is unique (I will now find that I have another case of independant developement). I came up with it to negate the use of lapping in the original routine. Tricky to get used to but once I did it became a real winner.

Message: Posted by: Spydur (Oct 18, 2006 07:01PM)
Bryan Dreyfus

That sounds like you are talking about the version that Ammar does on his coin DVDs
Message: Posted by: Bosco J. (Oct 19, 2006 01:39PM)
Check out Justin Miller's Silver Dream from Ellusionist. Very clean routine.

Message: Posted by: rutabaga (Oct 19, 2006 01:53PM)
With all respect, I wouldn't say Silver Dream is an expanded shell routine. Not to say you [i]couldn't[/i] do it that way, but that's not the essence of the effect, which is [b]far[/b] cleaner without gaffs ;)
Message: Posted by: Bosco J. (Oct 20, 2006 09:48AM)
You're right rutabaga. It is a lot cleaner w/o the shell.

Actually, the shell is used in the [i]alternate[/i] handling of Silver Dream which would enable the routine to be performed with short sleeves. Sorry for the confusion.

Message: Posted by: Mike Wild (Oct 21, 2006 07:20AM)
The dual shell (plus) routine that I released last year, [url=http://sundragonmagic.com/am_steal.htm]Amalgamated Steal[/url] has always been a real crowd pleaser. I would mention that the routine is a really a showcase for a coin "set" that I use in my bar act. Amalgamated Steal is a combination C/S and classic coins across routine with a clean ending, it never fails to entertain :)


Message: Posted by: ShawnB (Oct 21, 2006 01:22PM)
You could try Troy Hooser's "ExTROYdinary"...
Or Geoff Latta's "Trick with Three Coins"...
Dan Watkins "Fingertip Coins to Pocket"...

All great routines.. Check them all out..

Message: Posted by: joseph (Oct 22, 2006 07:20AM)
I'll also recommend Dean Dill, Roth, and Hooser....
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Oct 22, 2006 09:44AM)
On 2006-10-17 17:09, james08 wrote:
What routine your doin with your expanded shell? where I can find good routine for expanded shell?
How far did you get with the items in Bobo's?

Have you borrowed a quarter, made if vanish, then taken out two of your coins and changed the seleted one into their coin? The method's in Bobo's. :)

The gaff is usually brought in to solve a problem in a trick, or to offer a specific "look" to the item. Check out the "mutiplying money" item in hoffmann's "more magic" for some ideas. Also the routines using covers a few pages before.

So much material if you look.
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Oct 22, 2006 12:02PM)
I mentioned this in the other coin section, but on the 2 vol. DVD set on COINS ACROSS by the New York Coin Magic Seminar group, there are several tricks that use this gaff, from Roth, Latta, Gallo, and Harbottle. Plus so much more. You can find it and the contents on the website, http://www.newyorkcoinmagic.net , or now at many of your local magic dealers!
Message: Posted by: Spydur (Oct 22, 2006 02:43PM)
I think there is also a video called, "Shell Shocked" that pertained to this type of work. I do not remember how the material on there is. I think it is from Barry Taylor???
Message: Posted by: Sleightly_Done (Oct 22, 2006 07:18PM)
On 2006-10-17 20:03, Jonathan Townsend wrote: Good timing guy, check out Homer Liwag's offering.

Jonathan is right about pointing you to this. HE JUST DIDN'T SAY IT LOUD ENOUGH! I don't usually like the idea of "single effect" DVDs, however, I read so many good things about CoinOne I just had to see what the hype was all about for myself. This is REAL MAGIC with 4 coins and a [ and it just doesn't get any better. And it is within reach of the average coin guy.
Message: Posted by: mystre71 (Oct 22, 2006 07:45PM)
Check out Kainoa's book "Coinapalooza I: Shell Shocked". At http://www.kainoaland.com
Message: Posted by: james08 (Oct 24, 2006 02:04AM)
Wow!!! never expect so much response in my post... I'm checking all your suggestions in coin shell routine. never expect that there are lot of effect that you can do with this powerful gaff..

thanks guys!!!
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Oct 24, 2006 07:55AM)
The gaff is quite useful. If you followed the discussion about visible coin jumps elsewhere* you might also enjoy using the ] to permit a borrowed and marked quarter to jump from hand to hand pretty much visibly.

*You can find some ideas on that... see the movie "The Fly", "The Prestge" and find some of my work in the September issue of Genii.
Message: Posted by: Bill Citino (Oct 24, 2006 08:39PM)
Hmmmm, lets see...other than what people have already mentioned there's:
-Corey Burke's wonderful Payphone DVD, has some shell work in it
-East Coast Super Session's book has stuff in it
-Plenty of stuff in the Roth book as well as COINMAGIC both by Kaufman
-Kenner's Totally Out of Control
-Close-up and Personal (David Regal)
-Chris Korn's Radical and Extreme Korn DVDs

Those are just some I can think of off the top of my head and that I don't think have been mentioned yet. I have a few routines using a shell that are being released soon in my manuscript as well.

Take a look at the stuff that has already mentioned as well as what I've added there's a wealth of material out there.

Good luck in the search,
Message: Posted by: John McLaughlin (Oct 24, 2006 09:03PM)
Don't forget Roger Klause's routine from Klause in concert. He showed it to me at a convention in Texas many years back, and I've been doing it ever since.

- John
Message: Posted by: Paul Chosse (Oct 24, 2006 09:08PM)
Or, how about something really simple, like the Kort material from Bobo? There is a great "Coins Thru the Table" under an old-fashioned glass, using this principle. Or, even the very first item in Bobo with a ] - I think it is called "Mystery with A Half Shell", is great! Just a production and vanish and reproduction of coins, very simple, but miraculous-looking if you work on it...

I've always thought of this as a "utility" item, more than a trick unto itself. This and the C/S gaff. In fact, I've often said that with those two utility items, half a dozen coins, and an Okito Coin Box, I had all the coin magic I'd ever need, and then some!

Using it as a utility item lets you do things in a much "cleaner" way. It simplifies procedures for you. There are several very good "No-]" Billiard Ball routines, but very few folks bother - they are really hard to do, and most miss that magical moment that a ] allows you to put over. The same thing is true of coins. With a ] you can get that "clean' look that is impossible otherwise. And you can get from point "A" to point "D" without having to hit "B&C"!

Use your imagination - look at a trick you do now, and ask yourself, what if I could get one-ahead? Or, what if I could get one-behind? Would this help? I find that if I think about general principles rather than specific tricks, I sometimes come to a greater appreciation of the magic I can generate.

Sure, we can name tricks that use a ] all day long, but, it's kind of like the "feed a man a fish, teach a man to fish" story - I do better when I understand the principles, and explore the possibilities for myself. Anyway, there sure is a lot out there! Have fun...

Best, PSC
Message: Posted by: CasualSoul (Oct 25, 2006 04:22PM)
If you like the idea of incorporating fire with an expanded shell routine, Nathan Kranzo's Fire Coins is a $5.99 instant download that I've been enjoying. Here's a link (it's towards the bottom of the page):