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Topic: Mental Feat Videos
Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (Oct 19, 2006 10:19PM)
Over at [url=http://gmvlog.blogspot.com/]Grey Matters Videos[/url], I have a large collection of links and embedded videos, all concerning impressive mental feats, such as [url=http://del.icio.us/vegasscott/VideoMemory]real memory feats[/url], [url=http://del.icio.us/vegasscott/VideoMemoryPseudo]pseudo-memory feats[/url], [url=http://del.icio.us/vegasscott/VideoMath]math feats[/url], [url=http://del.icio.us/vegasscott/VideoPuzzles]amazing puzzle solvers[/url] and even some [url=http://del.icio.us/vegasscott/VideoGames]amazing game players[/url].

However, I'm always looking for more, so if anyone has any videos that aren't already listed, I'd love to hear suggestions!