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Topic: Satisfying ending for Pen through Dollar routine
Message: Posted by: suspectacts (Oct 20, 2006 02:31PM)
Anyone doing Pen through dollar (or $20) as a stage piece?

I love it as a close up routine, but it's such a good visual I want to bring it to the stage. But as I play with it, I realize the restoration needs 'something'.

Anyone want to make any suggestions?


Message: Posted by: Bill Hoffman (Oct 31, 2006 12:33AM)
I do it in my stage act, but I wrap the 10 dollar bill on an orange and then do the trick. Now I have pen thru dollar and fruit, more visual. I then remove dollar and fold it, set it down in sight while I open the orange and a bunch of dimes fall out. I then ask the spec if he would now like his 10 dollars back, he says "yes" I hand him a broom and say there it is, tada as I pick up his 10 dollar bill and pretend to keep it. The laughs end and I say you don't want this one anyway, it has a hole in it, open it up and the hole is gone.
Message: Posted by: suspectacts (Oct 31, 2006 09:44AM)
Sounds like a great routine, but it only left me with questions:

When money is wrapped around the bill and you 'stick' the pen into the bill/orange, does the audience see the tip of the pen sticking out? Or just the back end sticking in?

Wait, Are you using the m*****tic gimmic at all or just using a folding method?

Write back or PM.


Message: Posted by: sniper1 (Oct 31, 2006 10:46AM)
You can always couple it with a watch steal
Message: Posted by: Bill Hoffman (Oct 31, 2006 08:36PM)
I use a little bit of both, I use the M* gimmick but not as a M*, I just shove the back part in and the peel holds them in place.

I always turn it updise down to show the orange on top of the dollar and into the pen
Message: Posted by: rpierce (Dec 30, 2006 05:27PM)
Where can I find the pen thru a dollar?
Message: Posted by: Flec (Dec 30, 2006 06:01PM)
"your favourite magic dealer" :)
Message: Posted by: rpierce (Jan 1, 2007 07:41PM)
I have found that there are several pen thru dollar effects, the stealth seems to be able to be examined, I'm not sure about the B-2 Bomber. Does anyone have a favorite for close-up? Pros? Cons?
Message: Posted by: SteveTheMagician (Jan 2, 2007 06:21PM)
What if you hold it in such a way that ig looks like it goes through the bill but it also ends up stabbing your hand?


Message: Posted by: DeaconBlu (Jan 11, 2007 11:49PM)
I haven't run into anyone who's figured out my stealth pen. I let them examine it and more often than not they want to see if it writes. I just got my SR-71 and hacked the gimmick into a real Sharpie. I'll do a switch for inspections.
Message: Posted by: Flec (Jan 12, 2007 09:36AM)
You could finish the trick, then go into a bill switch...giving them $1 for their $20....only to find their $20 in a lemon....which is produced from your shoe...even though you are wearing sandals....and your levitating...am I going to far?

OK, forget the last parts, but you could go into a bill switch. In the UK our notes are different colours, but with the Dollar, I think you could maybe switch it before, and fold in such a way that they cant tell which denomination it is. Then at the end you tear the pen out, and unfold it...suprise!

And if my mad plan does somehow work, you could always "find" the $20 note in a lemon, in your shoe, next of boxes, your wallet....etc etc etc
Message: Posted by: Flec (Jan 12, 2007 09:37AM)
Another thought....find their dollar folded up inside the pen cap....?
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Jan 17, 2007 01:43PM)
If you really want a satisfying ending...just hand 'em their money back.