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Topic: Old Radio Shows
Message: Posted by: Southwest Sam (Oct 25, 2006 04:51PM)
While attending a Clown conference last year, I went to a Ventriloquist lecture. Not being a Ventriloquist, I was introduced to a whole new World of ideas for my performance as a Kidshow Magician.

The instructor was talking about the Old Time Radio Broadcasts were a Great tool in building an act and suggested going online to a particular website, listening to the programs and adapting them to your act. Todays audiences are unaware of those Comedies from back in the day and there were some great writers of comic script back then.

The problem is, I've now lost my notes from that lecture and was wondering if anyone here at the Café might know of or heard of such a website that features clips of those Old Time Radio broadcasts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

~SAM :stuckinbag:
Message: Posted by: Flying Magus (Oct 27, 2006 09:46PM)
I prefer scripts they're much more fun. You can find a good collection here:


If you're after audio specifically just spend 20mins or so surfing with Google and you'll find some.
Message: Posted by: Chatterbox41 (Oct 28, 2006 01:55PM)
But remember when trying to adapt them to your act to bring them up to date... old style comedy was much slower paced than modern comedy. Shorten the setups and keep the comedy coming.