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Topic: Disturbing
Message: Posted by: BobMc (Nov 1, 2006 08:40PM)
Rut Row...


Being an escape artist can land you in jail.

That's what Michael Anthony Patrick discovered when he jumped off a Key West pier while wearing a straight jacket. No one saw him come up, so police and fire department dive teams searched the bottom of the bay. They couldn't find the 55-year-old performer.

Police discovered today he was still alive. He was arrested and held $50,000 dollars' bond.

Authorities say the search cost an estimated 25-thousand dollars. Patrick is charged with negligence.
Message: Posted by: aggieman (Nov 1, 2006 08:50PM)
Why didn't he come up or inform them he was alright?

That's just arrogance. (sp)
Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Nov 1, 2006 09:39PM)
Don't you hate when that happens?
Message: Posted by: Wolflock (Nov 2, 2006 02:22AM)
Agreed. What is the point of doing an "ESCAPE" if you don't escape and show everyone? My opinion is that he had other agendas. Maybe he wanted to be recorded as dead.

Message: Posted by: Doc Allgood (Nov 2, 2006 05:19AM)
Don't you see!! It's genius!!

Now he has all the publicity he wants for his "jail escape!"
Message: Posted by: drwilson (Nov 2, 2006 06:12AM)
You know, you'd have to do the Miser's Dream for a long time to come up with $50,000. For that kind of money you could buy better publicity, too.


Message: Posted by: ufo (Nov 2, 2006 03:06PM)
He could have taken a page from the political history play book and perhaps told them he hit his head and didn't remember the whole thing until the next day.
Message: Posted by: thecardtrick (Nov 3, 2006 01:08PM)
Thinking you just saw a man jump to his death is traumatizing, not entertainment.

Anyway, why did they bother arresting him? Don't they know he's an escape artist?
Message: Posted by: Kevin Connolly (Nov 3, 2006 03:23PM)
No, they didn't know. He didn't have his official escape artist card on him. :)
Message: Posted by: JohnWolf (Nov 12, 2006 08:26AM)
Aren't we being kinda of tough on the guy ? After all how many times have we all gone sleep walking in our straight jackets? Just because he woke up at the bottom of the bay and decided to go home... tollerance guys it could happen to any of us. well maybe not
Message: Posted by: Patrick Miller (Nov 13, 2006 10:48PM)
He deserves the fines. Pure arrogance.