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Topic: Gerlitz Orb of Truth
Message: Posted by: GeorgeG (Nov 4, 2006 08:55AM)
Well, folks, another great Gerlitz magic released and sold out...except one, #25, that will soon grace an auction site for the taking to the winning bidder.

[url=http://www.martinsmagic.com/?html=full&nav1=new&key=3146]Images and Reviews on Andy Martin's site[/url]
Message: Posted by: GeorgeG (Nov 6, 2006 12:28PM)
Images on the Orb has been updated with better photos of the apparatus. May need to press the refresh button on your browser, if it has the old washed out ones stored.
Message: Posted by: Derek Dean (Nov 6, 2006 02:39PM)
Wow....just amazing. Nice review on Andy's site. Thanks for posting that link!
Message: Posted by: GeorgeG (Nov 27, 2006 12:23AM)
Last Orb of Truth up for sale on Ron's International Magic Auction.
Message: Posted by: polygonsmagic (Jul 9, 2007 12:34PM)
Hi George,

Any word from Richard regarding future releases I have emailed him several times but have not heard back. Also was that your perfect card table for sale on magicauction last week?