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Topic: Nashville FCM conference
Message: Posted by: dbearden (Nov 4, 2006 03:47PM)
Did anyone go to the Music City conference put on by the FCM in Nashville this weekend? I was not able to go this year (only the 2nd one I've missed since they have been putting it on), but would like to hear from someone who went about how it was this year. The folks up there always do a great job putting it on, and I missed not being able to attend. I'll be there next year!
Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Nov 4, 2006 04:45PM)

I went this year and Duane and Mary Laflin were great. They always have a lot to share. This year they did their show on Thursday night and after the vistors left, they disected their show. Lots of great info. Steve Varro was there also and Steve did Harvey Barfenfloss and was great also. Steve admits that Harvey is funnier that he is. Personally, I like them both equally. Steve did a great job as usual. There were no puppets this year and that was disapointing. Could be because Ed Jarvis and his wife were not there because of ill health. Balloons were very lacking this year, not because of the quality of balloon guys but because the balloon guys kinda just sat around and just tried to impress each other. Not any real teaching. The vents were very good this year. High quality acts and teaching. Shows were good and things moved along great. Just one sound problem, but no big deal. Dealers were on the short side this year. Not a whole lot to choose from. Duane and Steve had a great section and that is where I spent most of my time.
Message: Posted by: dbearden (Nov 5, 2006 01:37PM)
Thanks for the report! I always enjoy seeing Duane & Mary, and you're right, Steve is a great guy to be around! I've spent a good deal of time (and money!) at their booths in the past.....it's always a good time to meet and renew old friendships. Maybe next year will be a great year, not only for magic, but the other various arts as well.
Message: Posted by: DaddyDoodle (Jan 5, 2007 11:31PM)
Fantastic! Just about the best value for your $$ in conventions. Tied closely with it would be the Unconventional Convention. As with all things, there were ups and downs, but the ups definitely held their own! Great time, very informative.